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Copied, December 2019

Get ready to dive into a story of three fishermen whose lives changed after they decided to do something not many people would have done. The discovery they made put their limits and friendship to the test. It started like any other fishing day for them, but they knew that it was not the same at all when they saw something on top of an iceberg. They showed everyone how huge their hearts were by doing something about it. This is one story that will make you believe in humanity again!

The Trio

Cliff Russell, Allan Russell, and Mallory Harrigan are three close friends who like to go fishing together. They decided to turn this hobby of theirs into a business! Together, they bought a fishing boat of their own and began a fishing company.

One Boat

They only had a single boat and three people on the crew, but what mattered here was that they liked what they did. They come from Canada, so good fishing areas are abundant. The three of them already knew the fish they could find around there and what kinds the consumers liked to buy!

Into The Unknown

However, there was no way for them to know what the sea had in-store every time that they headed out. They knew that it was not going to be easy, but this was something that took them by surprise!

Do you have any idea just how demanding fishing can be? First of all, fishermen need to get up very early to prepare for the upcoming day at sea. After that, they need to spend a lot of time and energy trying to catch fish when they are out in the water. The three of them do this daily, so they have become used to this kind of life. Despite everything, they enjoy the time they do their job!

Built On Friendship

Fishing is no laughing matter whatsoever! It can even challenge the strongest bonds you have with your friends. If things went wrong, it could mean the end of their long friendship. However, Cliff, Mallory, and Allan decided to keep going with the business without losing each other as friends. In fact, they will tell you that the fishing business has only made the three of them that much closer!

Job Duties

When they do their jobs, they often have to spend long hours in difficult waters. They usually came home with a lot of bumps, bruises, and other small injuries. It was hard, but they liked what they did.

Hard At Work

None of them ever complained about how difficult the job is no matter how hard their fishing trips can be. They have never thought of quitting either! They are motivated by the work that they do and the mutual love they have for each other as well. Work can be hard, but they are glad they have each other.


The story starts on a clear morning. The three of them got together for another day of fishing. The crab fishermen come from Labrador, Canada. They went to the harbor early that day. Nothing unusual there.

One Fine Day

They had no clue that this day was going to change their lives forever! At the time, they were far too busy preparing for another day out at the sea. Mallory even had a great feeling about this day, although she had no idea that this day was going to leave a mark on their lives forever!

Just Like Any Other Day

She got up much earlier than she usually did. She headed out to the boat for the preparation before the two men could get there. She felt cheerful and motivated to go on this trip by the time they got there.


Once everyone was there, they started to go through the list of items that they needed to have. It was a list that they made to ensure that they would be safe out in the open seas. They wanted to have their emergency tools in case they needed them. You never know, after all.


Should they forget even one thing on that list, they knew that they would be working even longer than usual. This is because they would need to return to the dock to get the object they forgot. They did not want this to happen, which is why they always doublechecked the list before they headed out to work.

Heading Out To The Sea

Can you believe that this bit is usually the easiest part of the job? The three of them often did this as they told one another stories and jokes! Even though they have known each other for a long time already, they always had something to discuss with one another.

A New Day

Every morning, they would talk as if they had not seen the others in such a long time! There were always lots of things to talk about. That day was just like that. The three started to work together to make sure that they had everything they needed. They were chatting and laughing the entire time. Clearly, they had no idea what was waiting for them out there.

The Calm Before The Storm

Some might even argue that this was merely the “calm” before the storm. As a matter of fact, the water looked very clear that fine morning. They then headed out to a great crabbing area off the coast of Canada. They needed to cross several miles to get there, but it was worth going the distance for it.

Dropping Their Baskets

When they got to that spot, they turned off the engine of the boat and remained in that spot. They knew that this was a great place to catch crabs. Hopefully, this was going to be the case this time as well. They prepared the pots for the crustaceans and then left them on the ocean floor. In the meantime, there was not much they could do but to wait and pray there were lots of crabs in that area.

Record-Breaking Year

They had to wait for a little while so that the crabs can drag the cages along the floor some more. The ideal situation here was for the crabs to climb in and out of the cages! Even though it was nearly the end of the crab season, they still had hopes that they can end the season on a high note.

Out Of Luck

In the last few weeks, they had incredible luck over there. They always pulled out lots of crabs during the trips. However, this might have been the day they would run out of luck. They did not want to ruin the booming record they had!

Omen In Crabs

The three of them made sure to share the load by having one man on the boat and the two others on the lines. They needed to make sure the lines did not get tangled. It was the usual routine for them, so they knew it by heart already. However, what was going to happen when they were done in that spot?

Best Day

It was time for the big reveal. What were they going to see when they pull out the cages? They were shocked by what they found there. It was the best day out there so far! They celebrated a little as they dumped the catch inside the boat. They then returned the cages into the water and did the same thing.

A New Fishing Spot

They continued the work over the course of the day. Luckily, the crabs kept coming! It was beginning to look like a very good day for them. They finished the work they could do there and chose to go to a different spot. The three fishermen wanted to head out to icier waters. They knew that it was going to be more dangerous if they went out further out there.

Dangerous Waters

In fact, it was hard to even see birds when they were that far out in the water! True, everything seemed calm and peaceful. However, looks can be very deceiving. The three of them knew that there a lot of potential dangers surrounding them there.

One Wrong Turn

In the Labrador Sea, icebergs make for common sights. This area is dangerous for fishermen, regardless of the skill or experience they have. If the fishermen overlooked a seemingly minor detail or took one wrong turn, they could end up dying out there. Yikes.

Something Up Ahead

At the time, Allan was posted on lookout duty. He saw the huge iceberg ahead of them. As he navigated the boat around this huge chunk of ice, something there captured his attention. They saw icebergs every single day, so he knew that there was something different about this one.

Something Off

The sun was shining very brightly on that day, which made it a little hard to look at the huge thing lying right ahead of them. When Mallory and Cliff took a look at what Allan saw, they agreed that there seemed to be something strange about the iceberg. But what exactly could it be? They couldn’t tell.

The Iceberg Appears!

Even as their boat got closer, they still had a hard time figuring out what the object on the iceberg was. They could see a dark spot on top of the iceberg, but they were too far to see what it could be. Mallory just assumed that it was nothing more than a seal enjoying the sun. However, this did not sound right…

Taking A Closer Look

Cliff simply agreed with what Mallory suggested. There was indeed a good chance that it was just a seal. They had been sailing these waters for years, and they knew that the animals were common in the area. However, Allan refused to let it go. Something strange was going on here.

What Could It Be?

After using his binoculars to look at the animal. He told the crew that it did not look like a seal at all. It did not look like one nor did it move in the same way. Mallory and Cliff started to inspect the animal some more and ended up in agreement with Allan. This was definitely a pretty strange animal. Allan might actually be right! They decided it was time to find out what was going on.

Getting Closer

At the time, they still planned to spend the rest of the day fishing. However, they decided that it was important to check up on the animal on top of the iceberg. They were all too curious by then. What was this animal anyway? They agreed to take a closer look at it, even if the temperature fell and the wind picked up as they got nearer to this structure.

The Investigation

They knew that it was risky to stray from the route they often took. However, Allan convinced his pals that this was the right thing to do. If he did not do this, there was no way they would have learned what the animal was.


They all agreed that there was nothing to do but to find out! While Cliff and Mallory did not initially think it was super important, Allan managed to convince them to do this. They did not want to leave a suffering animal out in the cold. Now that they made up their mind, they got closer to this iceberg.

Chilling Temperatures

It soon became clear to them that this animal was not a seal at all! It had fur and was soaked all the way through. The wind was starting to get even stronger, so they knew that the animal was truly in danger. At the time, they were far too concerned to help. They might have no idea what the animal actually was, but they knew that they needed to treat it in the most compassionate manner possible.

Advance Slowly

It was important for them to take it slowly as they navigate through the icy waters. They knew that it would only take one piece of ice under the boat to cause irreversible damage. The boat could even capsize and leave the crew stranded out there! They did not want this to happen, so they stayed alert.

Constant Watch

Things started to get more hectic because the waves began to go higher and higher as well. The movement of the boat made things more precarious. Mallory needed to tell her friends to be more cautious. They were all excited and curious as they approached the iceberg. However, it was very important for them to do this carefully. Two members of their crew looked out for potential dangers.

Rough Seas

The wind was picking up. The strong winds and waves rocked both the boat and the iceberg! They had no issues dealing with the waves, but they started to worry about how the animal was doing up there.

Ice Blocks

They needed to worry about other things than just the ice blocks out there, however. Mallory knew that there was a chance the animal would be scared enough to jump into the water. If they could move a little closer, she would be able to see enough and figure out a plan.

Pursuing A Piece Of Ice

Now that the waves were getting higher and the wind was blowing, the iceberg was drifting away from their boat. The three started to worry for their boat, each other, and the animal! They could see that it has begun to pace anxiously on top of the iceberg.

Tricky Circumstances

If they wanted to stay close to the iceberg, it was important for them to speed up a little. This was going to make navigation even harder. The dangerous situation started to become even riskier now that it was getting dark as well. They knew that they would have to return to the shore before nightfall.

Getting A Glimpse

As they got closer to the iceberg, they finally got a good look at this animal. It looked a lot like a dog and even had four legs as well. However, this was not a puppy. They knew a dog could not possibly be there.


They could see that the animal was shivering and soaking wet. They knew that it was important to get the creature to safety as soon as possible. They first had to ensure that the animal was not going to freeze to death. They did this even though they knew that it was going to be risky for them.

Arctic Fox

As they got closer to the iceberg, they finally identified what animal they were actually dealing with. It was an Arctic fox! They did not have enough time to discuss how the fox got all the way up there. The animal looked so cold and weak. What made matters even worse were the birds hovering above it.

Not A Family Pet

They could tell that the fox was getting closer to death by the minute. They had to arrive at a decision right away. It did not take long for them to make up their minds about rescuing this poor animal. The crew decided to stop fishing for the day and help this creature out. They knew that they were doing the right thing, even if it meant that they were risking their lives!

A Bold Rescue Attempt

The fox was freezing, wet, and running out of time. The three of them had to look for a way to save it, but there was a problem this time. Was the creature going to trust them enough to let them do that?

Good Intentions

They did not know if the fox had ever been exposed to humans in the past. They knew that animals in the wild act viciously when they are backed into a corner. Even though they had every intention to save it, the fox might not let them do that.

A Wild Fox

The first thing they did was to try and tame this animal. They stretched out their hands and talked to it in a quiet manner. They called out to the animal since they knew that a tame animal would head their way right away.

Getting Away

However, this was an Arctic fox and not a tamed house pet! Instead of coming to them, it only tried to get away. There was no place for it to go, so it was basically trapped in its spot. It simply stared at the three fishermen trying to help it out. It did not want to come close, but they did not want to give up.

A Waiting Game

They failed to lure the fox in multiple times. They knew that the animal was not planning to go to them! It was important for them to be patient with the poor animal. They decided to simply settle in for now.


After this, they decided that they could simply rest in the meantime. They made sure the boat was posted right beside the iceberg. At last, the fox started to approach the boat! Clearly, it realized that it could help it escape the block of ice. However, was it going to trust the crew members this time?

The Rescue

The fox went up to their boat warily. Sadly, it looked like it was not strong enough to leap from the chunk of ice to the boat just yet. Allan scooped the poor fox into his arms and brought it inside the boat. At least, they were finally one step closer to going home!

Back In The Water

Even though it was a lot safer on the boat than on the iceberg, the fox panicked at their proximity and jumped into the water! The three friends watched in horror as the tiny animal swam through the water in an attempt to return to the iceberg. They did not want to let it go, so they followed the creature until it was too tired to run away some more.

Back Into The Boat

At that point, Allan scooped the fox out of the water again and then brought it back onto the boat. It did not seem less scared and even move away from the three fishermen. It merely huddled in the corner, cold and wet as it were. The situation was starting to look even worse than they thought!

Unanswered Questions

The wind and the cold ruffled the wet fur of the animal. Allan and Cliff had their towels at the ready to warm up the fox, but they knew that it was possible that it would bite them. They had no clue how long it was going to take to earn the trust of this animal. How long was it going to last out there like this?

Saving A Fox

If they wanted to prevent it from dying, it was important that the fox will be warm enough. Mallory took over the steering wheel to drive them back to the shore. However, they still had a pretty long way to go if the way wanted to get to the shore. They would not get there anytime soon, not yet anyway.

Time Is Of The Essence

They knew that the fox did not have a lot of time in its current state. Both Allan and Cliff watched the fox and waited for a chance to dry it down. As they looked at the tiny creature some more, they started to wonder what else they could do to offer it more comfort then and there.

A Warm Bed

Mallory was the one who came up with a way to keep the animal warm! She suggested that the two men work on a nest to keep it safe. They only had sawdust on the boat, but it should work just fine. They took the sawdust and fashioned a warm bed for their new friend. It was actually quite effective!

Trying To Keep Warm

They gathered the sawdust and dumped it in a plastic bin. Hopefully, the fox was going to stay inside of it for security and warmth. They were glad to see that the fox buried itself in the saw dust! To help it stay even warmer, they made sure to put the bin in the sunniest area on the boat. How sweet is this?

The Fox’s Bed

But how did they get the fox into the bin in the first place? Allan looked like he was more capable of getting the animal to trust him, which is why he simply picked up the fox and put it inside the bin!

Racing Back To Shore

As it slept, there was not much for them to do but make it all the way back home. The animal was warm and alive at the same time. However, it would need more help than this as soon as they reached land.

An Adjusted Course

There was still half an hour of travel time when Cliff decided to take over the steering wheel. He knew that they had to change the route to get to the shore even earlier than normal. They did not know how long the fox could survive like this. They just knew that the sooner they docked the boat, the better!

Terrified & Tired

All of a sudden, a huge wave hit the boat and caused the fox to wake up in alarm. Clearly, it was tired and scared. They tried to give it some food to calm it down. They could tell that the animal was weak, so they hoped that giving it food would help it regain its strength.


They managed to make the animal feel comfortable and warm by creating a makeshift bed for it. Mallory took some of the crab and fish they could earlier that day, but the fox did not seem interested in seafood. They were sure it was hungry, but what was it going to eat?

No Crabs, Please!

Mallory went to the galley of the boat to fetch some food that they liked to eat when they were hungry. She got some Vienna sausages, put them in water, and gave them to the fox! It turns out that the fox liked it even better than the fish and crabs. The animal ate all the sausages she gave it. Aww!

Safe Return

After it was done eating what must be its first meal in days, the fox returned to sleep. It was knocked out until they finally got to the shore. It woke up in alarm because of the noise, so Mallory worked to keep the animal calm. However, the wild animal felt terrified. Mallory took it upon herself to talk to the animal in the hopes of keeping it cam enough while they finished docking the boat.

Calming Words

She stayed right beside the makeshift bed as she talked to the creature. Mallory knew that the animal did not understand a lick of what she said. However, she hoped that her calm tone was going to help it feel calm. She only wanted it to stay still until the men finished docking the boat.

A Home For The Fox

After they finally got to the shore, they had to think of what to do with this animal. It was already warm and dry. It already ate some food. This was going to be the last part of this journey. Mallory had an idea.

The Perfect Spot

She came up with a spot that felt like the perfect area for the fox. They could release the animal there since it was not far from the docks. No dangers were lurking about there, so the fox could get used to it without any problems. They could watch to see if the creature was going to be alright there.

The Fox’s New Home

The spot was lovely and safe, so they agreed that this was the perfect place to leave the fox in. They were also delighted to learn that there was a small dog house there, only 10 minutes from the dock. However, none of them knew the exact location of the dog house. They spent a little while looking for it.

Quite Content

As they looked around for it, Cliff was the one carrying the fox in his arms. At last, it seemed like the fox did not mind at all! After looking around for the dog house, they managed to locate it in the end.

A Successful Rescue

They wanted the fox to make the decisions, so they put the bin down on the ground near the dog house. They also stepped back to see what it was going to do. The fox looked around its new surroundings!


For some time, the fox did not exit the bin. At last, it climbed out, shook off its fur, and looked around the place. It stayed by the entrance for a little while, looking just like the wild animal it was.

Settling In

It started to settle in and explore its habitat. It was finally safe and sound! They relieved that they got to rescue such a helpless little creature. In all likelihood, it would be a goner if they didn’t help it.

Just To Be Sure

They stayed there for a little while to ensure that the fox was fine. The crew kept an eye on it as it roamed around and got to know its surroundings. It looked like it had finally settled down!

Slowly Making Its Way

This meant that it was time for them to head back to the boat and go home. They did everything they could, so it was now time to rest. Without a doubt, this was one day that they would never forget.

Long Day

Fishing is normally exhausting enough on its own. However, they felt even more tired than usual on that day. They were tired emotionally and physically! They deserved to get some rest after what they did.