Halle Berry - $8 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $80 Million

We have to admit that Halle Berry's Malibu mansion could be our dream house, but its high price makes it quite unreachable even in our dreams. The Catwoman star bought for herself this sumptuous home after filing for her second divorce, and sources claim that the luxurious property gave an $8-million blow to her account balance. The mansion offers an amazing ocean view as it is located just above the seaside. Well, she must have consulted her financial consultants before deciding to let go of her precious home, but we bet she can afford 10 of those!

Kid Rock - Price Undisclosed, Nashville

Net Worth: $80 Million

If you are looking at this unusual structure thinking who would choose to live there if they've got millions in their account, then think again. Kid Rock's total assets are estimated to be about $80 million but he does not recklessly spend cash on luxury homes, etc. The singer, songwriter, actor and whatnot, Rock moved out of his luxurious Malibu mansion and into this trailer located in Nashville. He says he prefers it this way, it's more simple and easy to clean. Plus, he can always get a new one if this one burns down!

Max Baer Jr. - $336,800, Nevada

Net Worth: $50 Million

Ever wonder whatever happened to The Beverly Hillbillies? As a matter of fact, so do we! One thing we can tell you for sure is that as of 2015, there is only one surviving member of the Hillbilly family: Maximilian Adalbert Baer Jr aka Jethro Bodine. Although the actor, producer, director and screenwriter has been MIA for quite some time now, he was once a resident at 3456 Pueblo Way, Paradise Palms, Nevada. Valued at $336,800, the single home built in 1966 has an 18.18% higher rate than the median price for the Paradise Palms area. Is Baer Jr to be thanked for this? There is no way to know for sure, but one thing we are definitely looking forward to is finding out where the Beverly Hillbillies star resides now.

Doris Day - Undisclosed Amount, Carmel, California

Net Worth: $200 Million

Doris Day certainly deserved the gorgeous home she lived in. She moved into it in 1981. It lay on 11 acres of property and overlooked a golf course as well as the Pacific Ocean. Close by her house was the Cypress Inn. It's a hotel where much of Doris' film memorabilia decorate the walls. They even have a lounge dedicated to her son called "Terry's Lounge." Terry died in 2004 after a long illness. Inside Doris' house, there was a beautiful rock fireplace and the spiral staircase from her show The Doris Day Show. Doris died in May 2019 at the age of 97.

Bob Eubanks - $2.66 Million, Thousand Oaks

Net Worth: $25 Million

That's a pretty large estate that Bob Eubanks, the television personality and game show host, lives in. Eubanks bought the lavish Thousand Oaks mansion in California back in 2006 splashing $2.66 million on it. Of course, for Bob, this wasn't a very big sum since his net worth is currently estimated at $25 million. It's a 4-bedroom and 4.5-bath home with a spacious yard and a swimming pool. The 81-year-old Bob has hosted The Newlyweds Game on and off since 1966. He does not seem to be thinking about retiring from TV just yet.

Ellen DeGeneres - $39.5 Million, California

Net Worth: $450 Million

Ellen DeGeneres has seen several years of successful TV show hosting, and as a result, her career has garnered her a handsome net worth. DeGeneres has a fortune large enough to afford her the luxurious lifestyle she desires and she takes full advantage of that. DeGeneres was once the owner of the glorious residence pictured - a six-bedroom mansion in California with an inviting dining area and a media room that serves the perfect distraction from reality. DeGeneres had the place up for sale for the price of $45 million, but eventually, she dropped the price to $39.5 million.

Nicole Kidman - $6.5 Million, Australia

Net Worth: $130 Million

Just outside of Sydney in the Sutton forest of the Southern Highlands is Nicole Kidman's and Keith Urban's farmhouse that they bought in 2008. They have since done lots of renovations and projects on it and it now features a swimming pool, a new gym, and a tennis court. Nicole, being a proud owner, gave Vogue a tour of her house in 2013. They acquired the place for $6.5 million and are still enjoying spending time in it, even though they have a collection of houses all over the globe. Nicole has most recently finished filming the movie The Goldfinch, to be released in September 2019.

Taylor Swift - $17 Million, Rhode Island

Net Worth: $280 Million

While she is only in her mid-20s, Taylor Swift has already made a huge name for herself, owning an enviable net worth of $280 million. Her most expensive purchases seem to be orientated around housing investments, thus, she added to her property list the 8-bedroom villa in Rhode Island. The stunning house has views to a long, sandy beach, where the Love Story hitmaker throws her mythic parties and relaxes. But being the wise investor that she is, she has likely equipped her home with the latest and fanciest technological features.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux - $21 Million, Bel Air

Net Worth: $170 Million

The famous couple maintained a low profile when it came to their relationship, and although they kept their marriage secret, it wasn't easy to hide this grand real estate investment. The luxurious house was renovated by the pair and they claimed that it was a fun process since they both love art and decoration. Their joint fortune dropped quite a few million dollars as they are both known for their expensive taste. It is only a pity that their marriage didn't last. Following their split, their opulent abode hit the market for $8 million, but we don't know if anyone purchased it yet.

Ron Howard - $27.5 Million, Connecticut

Net Worth: $160 Million

Ron Howard happens to be one of Hollywood's richest and arguably most successful directors. Howard put his home on the market for $27.4 million in 2014 and it sure was a home that certainly lived up to that price tag! The deluxe house was a six-bedroom abode with an indoor saltwater pool and it rested on 32 acres of land. If that image doesn't sound relaxing enough, just picture that it is surrounded by woods. Yes, Howard was fond of the place, but he had to let it go. Meanwhile, for his New York apartment, he had asked for $12.5 million in 2017.

Elton John - Undisclosed Price, Atlanta

With all the fame the musician Elton John has gathered around him, it comes as no surprise that he owns six luxurious houses situated in Windsor, Nice, Venice, California, and Atlanta. Each of his homes has a distinct persona of their own. Elton's high rise apartment in Atlanta, designed by Adrian Cooper- Grigg and Andrew Protheroe, was made to represent the new world- completely contrary to his house in Windsor. The idea behind this masterpiece of an apartment was to have a stepping-inside feel like "stepping into a pool of light", leading the magnificent Elton to have his walls repainted 13 times for them to have a reflective surface. Although the cost of the apartment isn't disclosed, it is said to be one of the most expensive things the singer owns. All things rest assured, it would be a sight to witness this beauty in the upcoming centered upon Sir John's life, Rocket Man.

Will Smith - $42 Million, California

Net Worth: $260 Million

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air star, together with his wife, acquired a pricey property that is more than spacious to fit in all four members of his family. The actor initially depleted his account by $20 million for this real estate investment and then reportedly shelled out some extra millions for the renovation. As a result, the current cost of the estate is estimated to be around $42 million. Though Will and wife Jada have had their ups and downs, we're glad that they've been strong enough not to throw in the towel and end one of the most glamorous marriages in Hollywood.

George & Amal Clooney - $14 Million, London

Net Worth: $510 Million

With an estimated combined net worth of $510 million, they are undoubtedly one of the most powerful celebrity couples. After their opulent wedding in 2014, Clooney lavished his spouse with a luxurious mansion in Berkshire, which includes nine bedrooms, a gigantic pool, and a wonderful garden - ideal as their two children's play area. The coupled secured the property with a gate and security features and we bet that Amal will decorate the house in the most elegant way possible. After all, her public appearances suggest that if there's one thing she has, that's style.

Kate Hudson - $5.3 Million, Pacific Palisade

Net Worth: $80 Million

In 2011, Kate Hudson spent $5.3 million buying a place with her ex-partner, Matt Bellamy. It just so happened that it was right next to her old house. Well, why bother with brokers or agents when there's a beautiful 1935's English style house right next door? The house is close to 7,000 square feet and comes with seven bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a library with vaulted ceilings. They did look for other houses at the time, but settled for that one, and who could blame them? They have since broken up. Meanwhile, Kate had her third child, this time with her new partner, Danny Fujikawa, in October 2018.

Joanne Woodward - $9.8 Million, Connecticut

Net Worth: $50 Million

Even though this home has been in the hands of Joanne Woodward's family for generations, she decided to let it go a few years after her late husband, Paul Newman, passed away from lung cancer. Woodward owned a total of 10,460 acres of land in Connecticut, with two houses and a barn. She listed both of them with a total asking price of $9.898 million; separately for $7.499 million and $2.399 million. The house in which she used to live has a 6,499 square foot interior, a large guest house, a 200-year-old barn, as well as, approximately 350 feet of riverfront.

Alex Rodriguez - $30 Million, Miami

Net Worth: $350 Million

Alex Rodriguez is best known as 'A-Rod' and he has been putting all the fortune he's made through professional baseball to good use. Twenty-two years with the MLB has afforded him some handsome real estate and it comes in the form of a lavish, $30-million mansion in Miami. The house boasts two boat docks for when Rodriguez is taking a break from is indoor batting cage. Rodriguez is engaged to the famous Jennifer Lopez, and together, they have a family of six. And since they've outgrown their Manhattan condo of 4,000 square feet, they've put it up for sale in 2019 for $17.5 million, after buying it in 2018 for $15.317 million.","

Al Pacino & Jackie Collins - $30Million, Beverly Hills - SOLD!

Net Worth: $165 Million

Ever Since Ben Nehmadi purchased Al Pacino house in Beverly Hills, little is known about his current Mansion. It is known that the well-known real-estate investor, purchased Jackie Collins and Al Pacino houses for a total price of $30 Million during 2016. When Pacino owned it, it was situated on a one-acre lot, and it included seven bedrooms, fountains, a huge swimming pool and many more. Recently, we became to know about the relationship between Al Pacino and Meital Dohan which is half of his age. Little is known about their common residence.

Antonio Brown - $6.6 Million, Miami

Net Worth: $30 Million

This 12-bedroom custom-designed apartment was purchased for almost $7 Million 3 years ago by Antonio Brown. It includes a formal dining room with more than 20 chairs. Of course, an impressive swimming pool, as well as a wet bar, are a major part of the home's exterior features where Antonio spends most of his time. In addition, it is reported that Antonio Brown holds another house in Pittsburgh which was purchased in 2014 for $1.9 Million. Brown is currently a free agent, and he recently stated that he wants to return to the NFL as soon as possible.

Adam Sandler & Jackie Sandler - $12 Million, Los Angeles

Net Worth: $420 Million

Famous Adam Sandler has a gigantic House in LA, which he purchased 15 years ago, around the time his movie Spanglish was released. It is said that the 12,860 square foot home, which was originally built in 1990, was previously owned by actors Kurt Russell and Goldie HawnIt for the price of $12 million. Adam Sandler's net worth is estimated these days to be sitting around $420 million. He is accustomed to raking in approximately $20 million per movie! It is estimated that Sandler picked up other properties on both the east and west coast, but due to the private nature of his life, this information hasn't been officially confirmed.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - $3.4 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $280 Million

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's fortune is something to be envious of, especially since he's had so many successful ventures. There's wrestling, acting, voice acting, and even singing. It is almost unfair, the way everything The Rock does is a hit! Well, when it comes to his real estate investments, it's no different! He had put down $3.4 million for a Florida estate of 13,000 square feet. The luxury home has six bedrooms and a fully equipped room where he can sweat it out randomly through the day! Of course, someone with a physique like The Rock has to have the means to work out at home.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka - $5.5 Million, East Hampton

Net Worth: $43 Million

Neil Patrick Harris' wealth grew an astounding amount over the recent years, with credit going to his role on How I Met Your Mother. On screen, Harris is very much a ladies' man, but that only made it that much more difficult for Harris to come out as a gay man in reality. He purchased a 13.5-acre property with his husband David Burtka, in the cozy East Hampton. Naturally, the home features a swimming pool and a tennis court - which most celeb homes have, of course! The boys took the effort to build a tea-house as well. The entire package is worth around about $5.5 million.

Selena Gomez - $4 Million, Texas

Net Worth: $60 Million

We all knew Selena Gomez could sing and act, but we had no idea she knew her way around with real estate investing! Or does she? Well, Gomez purchased a Fort Worth residence, in Texas, for $4 million. At the time, she was much younger and it was a big financial leap to take. So, Gomez would have liked to have been rewarded. But when she decided to sell, she listed it for $3.499 million in 2016, then for $2.999 million in February 2018. With no takers, she dropped the price to $2.7 million in August 2018.

LeBron James - $23 Million, Los Angeles

Net Worth: $450 Million

LeBron James has enjoyed being at the forefront of the NBA for some years, and since July 2018, he's made himself at home with the Los Angeles Lakers. He also made himself at home in Brentwood, at the cost of $23 million! Yes, James bought a lavish abode in the neighborhood as his second place of residence in LA. His other home is in Ohio, in Akron. The Brentwood place has enormous walk-in closets, an outdoor pool, gym, theater, and an outdoor kitchen. The elegant and modern elements in the design contradict James' frugal image, though!

Julie Chen - $12.99 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $16 Million

TV personality Julie Chen became a household name when she got to host the popular show, Big Brother. In fact, she's been a constant element of the show since 2000 and has been there longer than any other host. Of course, she does work elsewhere, like as a news anchor and her eight seasons on The Talk. In 2014, Julie had her Malibu estate sold off for $12.99 million. The 3,014-square-foot residence was a beach home that she invested in back in 2010 for $10 million. At least she had made a decent profit from the sale!

Rihanna - $22 Million, Barbados

Net Worth: $230 Million

Singing sensation and successful businesswoman Rihanna proceeded with a costly real estate investment in her birthplace of Barbados. Her grandiose bank account has allowed her to build this royal residence with more than three bedrooms, sports courts, and of course, an awe-inspiring pool. The exotic estate looks out to the ocean as it is just above the beach. We would just die to get an invitation to the famous legendary parties RiRi throws there! But wait, we'd just like to remind her to get a highly capable tax attorney to make sure that she never misses out on any obligation…

Britney Spears - $9 Million, California

Net Worth: $215 Million

Although she had a hard time dealing with her addiction problems back in 2017, Spears has never had issues with her wealth management as she has proved with her latest real estate investment. The Toxic singer purchased the colossal mansion for $9 million which includes an enormous garden - ideal for quality family time and playing with her two sons. Her growing $215 million net worth allows her to have the best home insurance without filing for a payday loan!

Michael Phelps - $2.5 Million, Scottsdale

Net Worth: $55 Million

After his highly decorated performance in the Olympic Games, the famous athlete decided to lavish himself with a pricey real estate investment that allegedly cost his bank account $2.5 million. The enormous mansion is perfectly located in Scottsdale and the interior design is adorned with unique furnishings. Of course, Phelps aka the “human fish” wouldn't get a property lacking an enormous pool, so he can go about doing his favorite exercise and sport anytime he wants.

Lady Gaga - $5.25 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $300 Million

Lady Gaga's property can be described as many things, but humble is not one of them! Gaga has accumulated plenty of funds through her fame as a music artist and she now resides in a home worth $5.25 million - in the prestigious Hollywood Hills, mind you! The home was previously owned by the late musician, Frank Zappa, and rests on half an acre of land. There is a somewhat cozy vibe to the home and there are seven bedrooms and a private art gallery, a rooftop tennis court, and even a greenhouse - which we wonder whether Gaga ever visits! All her staff has a separate apartment on the property as well.

Reese Witherspoon - $20 Million, L.A.

Net Worth: $150 Million

Reese Witherspoon has seen a number of hefty paychecks in her years in Hollywood! After all her hard input, she deserves to spend her dough on gorgeous living space! Witherspoon got her hands on a place in LA and she put down $20 million for it. The mansion is 10,000 square feet and is in Pacific Palisades. Her master bedroom is the ultimate haven because it features its own private living room - we envy that! The basement of the home is customized with a professional screening room. If that wasn't enough, there's an infinity pool and top security to keep everything in check!

Angelina Jolie - $24.5 Million, Los Feliz

Net Worth: $100 Million

Angelina Jolie is a woman who sure knows where to put her money. She is no stranger to fame and riches, so big purchases and big sales aren't something she would be shy to engage in. Her career in the entertainment industry has spanned across decades and these days, she isn't getting as many roles as she did in her heyday. Even so, she's still a star. She invested in a Laughlin Park home worth $24.5 million, with a smart kitchen, living, and dining room and a pool surrounded by lush and beautifully manicured greenery.

Mark Wahlberg - $30 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $255 Million

Mark Wahlberg came from humble beginnings but it's only natural to want the high life once you are blessed with millions of dollars! Wahlberg enjoys an opulent lifestyle in Beverly Hills, on two acres of private land, holding a mansion so big and lavish that it is reported to have been the inspiration for Entourage, a TV series. Of course, purchasing a home worth $30 million means you will live like royalty! The massive mansion houses seven bedrooms and a huge deck. He put the home up for sale with a $30-million asking price in 2016.

Joe Jonas - $3.7 Million, Sherman Oaks

Net Worth: About $20 Million

Joe Jonas coined it in his teen years and so these days, it's all about the rising success of DNCE. Celebs like Jonas usually have a media following and having a great place to cut loose and escape the hype is every star's dream. To escape the drama of Hollywood, Joe Jonas found a private sanctuary in the form of a $3.7-million, two-story home in Sherman Oaks. Well, when you have such a horde of fans and media after you at all times (and money to burn), we think that privacy is actually priceless! The home has a walk-in closet, a modern kitchen, a number of swimming pools, and even a private theater.

Tommy Hilfiger - $27.5 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $400 Million

Tommy Hilfiger is a man with an empire. We imagine his heirs will be dealing with quite an impressive amount of cash by the time he's shed his mortal coil! Hilfiger made sure that his accumulated fortune never went to waste as he made clever real estate investments that safeguarded him from heavy loss! Hilfiger has secured a Florida residence for $27.5 million, and the home truly is palatial, though it doesn't seem so from the outside. A step into the home will bring to your attention the clever use of color and design. It is made for entertaining - it has four entertainment rooms after all!

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - $18 Million, Bahamas

Net Worth: $165 Million

Famous couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sure are blessed to both enjoy largely successful careers and in the same industry, at that! This means that they have a massive joint bank account and this allows them to splurge on themselves now and then with several kinds of luxuries. When these guys want a vacation, they can go to anywhere in the world - but we know they probably prefer their mansion in the beautiful Bahamas. After all, they poured their heart and soul into building it for a decade! They made every dream they had come true for the place. Reportedly, they spent $18 million on the home.

Kevin Durant - $12.05 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $170 Million

The Golden State Warriors‘ Kevin Durant loves the high life and proof of that is his new deluxe house in Malibu. Durant recently splashed $12.05 million on the gorgeous multi-level beachfront home. Needless to say, the view is breathtaking and each one of the many rooms has been tastefully decorated. Of course, that is all made possible and more if you have some $170 million in your pocket, so you can go on a buying spree wherever and whenever you want! Did you know that Durant's YouTube channel has more than a half a million subscribers? Yup, he's quite the vlogger, apparently!

Kaley Cuoco - $5.49 Million, Los Angeles

Net Worth: $55 Million

The popular Kaley Cuoco gained fame when she played two roles on TV - as 'Penny' on The Big Bang Theory, and as 'Bridget' on 8 Simple Rules. In 2014, Cuoco put down $5.49 million for her Los Angeles cool mansion that was previously owned by Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom, her ex. Cuoco resided in the home with Ryan Sweeting, back when they were still married, of course. You can understand now, why some think that the mansion may be cursed - after both Kaley and Khloe's marriages failed while living under the luxury roof!

Carson Palmer - $25 Million, Del Mar

Net Worth: $60 Million

Carson Palmer is an easily recognizable face by most, as he is a former NFL star who played with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Arizona Cardinals as a quarterback. Palmer's career may not have carried him to becoming the Superbowl champion, but he got far enough to make decent earnings. In fact, his earnings were rather abundant! Palmer went on to own a beach house in Del Mar to celebrate his fortune and indulge a little in a pampering home in a pampering environment! His house is worth a hefty $25 million and can make anybody believe they are in paradise! Palmer has been retired since 2018, so he can enjoy luxury even more!

Jennifer Lopez - $10 Million, Hamptons

Net Worth: $400 Million

Jennifer Lopez is a music icon and she is still working hard despite the fact that she has already made millions upon millions with her singing career and with acting. Lopez sure doesn't have to rely on anybody else to keep her going and to spoil her with nice things! Lopez may enjoy shopping for all sorts of things for herself, and it includes houses! Her glamorous mansion is nestled in the Hamptons and is worth $10 million! It has everything a girl could dream of - a steam room, big pool, and eight lovely bedrooms. She once had a stalker live in her pool house for a week in 2013!

Christie Brinkley - $20 Million, North Haven

Net Worth: $80 Million

Christie Brinkley first turned heads when she bared (almost) all on the swimsuit issue of the coveted Sports Illustrated and she was a sensation from the get-go. Modeling made her more than making ends meet - she became a star! Her business ventures catapulted her to riches and eventually, she paid $7.15 million for a luxury home in North Haven. Brinkley spent a whole lot more money getting the house renovated to be the way she wanted it - and then listed it for $25 million! Later, $5 million had to be chopped off from the asking price since there were no buyers.

Ryan Lewis - $3.3 Million, Seattle

Net Worth: $18 Million

Besides producing massive hits, Lewis has proved that he is also good at his wealth management after his real estate investment in 2014, when he purchased his Seattle mansion for $3.3 million. The famous DJ got even more money from his bank account as he wanted to decorate his new estate with his elegant and expensive taste, using materials like gold and high-quality marble. However, just two years later, the Wings producer put the mansion back on the market for $9.45 million. Quite the businessman!

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt - $6 Million, Brooklyn

Net Worth: $16 Million

It wasn't too long ago when the famous couple moved from the City Of Angels to New York and set up their love nest in a spacious Brooklyn home that has cost them $6 million. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt share a desirable combined net worth of $16 million (including millions in their joint bank account), and they often lavish each other with expensive gifts. To prove it, they've spent almost $400K for the makeover of their house. You can just imagine the mortgage rates that they are likely paying for this urban palace…

Justin Bieber - $20 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $305 Million

Justin Bieber opened his ‘professional' bank account before entering adulthood and since then, his net worth has climbed to an impressive $305 million. Perhaps the pop star doesn't feel ready for a pricey real estate investment, so that's why he has opted to rent at $60K, a glass palace in Hollywood Hills, estimated to cost $20 million in the market. At least he won't bother about home insurance as he doesn't own the property!

Hugh Hefner - $100 Million, LA

Net Worth: $50 Million

When Hugh Hefner passed away in 2017, his net worth was estimated to be around $50 million, and according to his last will and testament, his four children and widow would inherit his fortune. Before his death, the legendary publisher sold the infamous Playboy Mansion for a cool $100 million to billionaire Daren Metropoulos. We don't know if the new owner would continue holding the notorious parties the mansion has been known for or be wise enough to invest in a good home insurance plan!

Blake Shelton - $2.5 Million, Nashville

Net Worth: $60 Million

While they were still together, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got a real estate investment and built their nest on this Nashville mansion, way before hiring divorce lawyers. The country idol used to shower his ex-wife Miranda Lambert with many luxurious gifts and it has been reported that their former house's walls were adorned with expensive paintings. After their breakup, however, they sold the house for $2.5 million, making a small profit, as they bought it for $2.258 million in 2013.

Heidi Klum - $24 Million, LA

Net Worth: $90 Million

After the long meeting with her divorce attorney to finalize her breakup with Seal, A-list model Heidi Klum decided to pamper herself with a splendid $24-million real estate investment. The luxurious mansion is huge enough to comfortably accommodate her family and is equipped with various entertainment rooms for fun family time or just relaxing. The supermodel has spent a fortune on the interior design and we hope that she has obtained an outstanding home insurance, too!

Miley Cyrus - $2.5 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $360 Million

The pop idol has been building her impressive bank account and credit card limit since her teen years and it wasn't that long ago when she made a $2.5-million real estate investment in Malibu. The home can better be described as a bucolic, full-greened home that is equipped with a luxurious pool and outdoor hot tub, depicting the perfect scenery to spend some time with her beau, Liam Hemsworth. Since she is on the go for her tours, we trust that she has covered the property with a comprehensive home insurance plan!

Rob Lowe - $5.9 Million, Santa Barbara

Net Worth: $30 Million

Outsiders star Rob Lowe is known for the luxurious lifestyle he shares with his wife, thus, we weren't surprised when they proceeded to acquire a pricey real estate property in Santa Barbara. The spacious mansion includes more than twelve rooms while the interior design is in Victorian style. The couple has never been involved in breakup rumors but we do wonder how their conjugal net worth would be divided if they hired a divorce attorney in the future…","

Katy Perry - $9.5 Million, LA

Net Worth: $280 Million

Pop idol Katy Perry is one of the highest paid singers of her generation and her net worth is estimated to reach almost $280 million. With her wealth management pretty much intact, she decided to lavish herself by picking up this palatial mansion in LA, which includes four bedrooms and an enormous pool. Sources claim that the Roar hitmaker decided to put up for sale her deluxe house for $9.5 million - because of some noisy or nosy neighbors, perhaps?

Tiger Woods - $60 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $740 Million

With a whopping net worth estimated to reach $74O million, it was certain that Tiger Woods' house would scream affluence and be one of the most expensive ones on our list. After hiring a divorce lawyer to finalize his breakup with Elin Nordegren, Woods spoiled himself by purchasing his Jupiter Island court, which gave his bank account a $60-million blow. One of the world's greatest golfers has never needed to get a payday loan ever in his life, though we advise him to be wise enough to sign a prenup next time he decides to march down the aisle!

Novak Djokovic - $8.9 Million, Miami

Net Worth: $189 Million

He is regarded as one of the best tennis players ever and his bank account balance proves that he is well-paid, too. Novak Djokovic recently decided to spend $8.9 million of his net worth on a property in Miami. The mansion boasts a wonderful view of the seaside and includes everything that an A-list athlete might need - like a pool and a fitness room. Djokovic must have consulted his private wealth management advisor before making the purchase.

Minnie Driver - $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $20 Million

Good Will Hunting actress Minnie Driver has pampered herself with a pricey real estate investment in Los Angeles, which cost her bank account $2.5 million. Her spacious mansion has been decorated with her personal eclectic taste and featured in many design magazines like Elle Decor. Driver has created a cozy household where she enjoys spending most of her quality time. We're sure that her credit card doesn't mind the purchases that she had when she was filling up her house with its many lovely furniture pieces and decorations.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis - $10 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $255 Million

They are one of Hollywood's loveliest couples and we can't imagine how their combined net worth of $255 million would be divided if they ever hire a divorce attorney. It wasn't long ago when the loving duo decided to deplete their bank account by $10 million to buy their new beach house in Beverly Hills. The three-bedroom mansion is located just in front of the ocean and the enormous green yard is ideal for their two kids to enjoy the sun and family time.

Jon Bon Jovi - $38 Million, New York

Net Worth: $410 Million

Jon Bon Jovi knows how to rock a concert and judging by his acquisitions, he makes some wise real estate investments. The famous singer bought his Soho house in 2007 for a whopping $24 million and decreased further his bank account for renovation and redecoration expenses. We don't know if it was the high home insurance costs or the noisy neighborhood that made Jovi put the estate back on the market for $38 million, but it's likely that everyone would wish to be the new owner! Well, even if Bon Jovi would opt to buy some more properties that cost as much, he wouldn't face bankruptcy.

Keira Knightley - $6 Million, New York

Net Worth: $50 Million

The famous actress seems to be a master in real estate investment, as her New York home was a total catch! Located perfectly in Manhattan's popular TriBeCa area, the airy loft-type estate includes three bedrooms and bathrooms with an enormous veranda ideal for sunbathing during sunny days! However, maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean star felt that she needed a less crowded neighborhood or wished for an ocean breeze, so she put up for sale her apartment with an asking price of $6 million.

Matthew McConaughey - $4 Million, Austin

Net Worth: $95 Million

Instead of settling in Los Angeles like many other celebrities do, Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves decided to raise their children in a serene city like Austin and proceeded to buy a luxury property that is spacious enough for their four-member family. Reportedly, the Spanish style-inspired mansion cost his bank account $4 million, a justified price as the real estate is very close to the majestic Lake Austen. We do hope that the couple won't look for a divorce lawyer ever and keep on living in this majestic house altogether!

Kylie Jenner - $3.3 Million, California

Net Worth: $41 Million

Although she is the junior of the Kardashian clan, the lip kit queen has achieved a lot for her age (she's in her early 20s) by building an enviable $50-million net worth and working on her investments. As an example, just take a look at her luxurious Calabasas home that she got in 2015. But according to sources, it wasn't long ago when she put it back on the market, asking for $3.3 million. It seems that the young mum is looking for an even bigger mansion to house her family with rapper Travis Scott. Well, in her new role, it's likely that she'll now be taking it easy on her credit card spendings, too.

Meg Ryan - $10 Million, Soho

Net Worth: $45 Million

Judging by her latest acquisition, Meg Ryan definitely knows how to spend her money on an excellent real estate investment, as it is claimed that her gorgeous New York apartment has left her bank account $10 million less. The City of Angels star decorated her luxurious home with her unique sense of style and we guess that the unique adornments she has picked (plus home insurance) have cost her credit card a small fortune. The urban palace is located in the popular neighborhood of Soho. ","

DJ Khaled - $9.9 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $20 Million

While Suffering From Success hip-hop singer/producer DJ Khaled was looking for a great real estate investment in 2017, he at last found it in Robbie William's former mansion, located in a walled community in Beverly Hills. The spacious house has more than fifteen rooms, including a spa room ideal for relaxing after a stressful day. The property has proved to be rather pricey, as it depleted his bank account by $10 million. But with his finances growing rapidly, we are certain that Khaled is nowhere near bankruptcy even if he so decides to get another deluxe house.

Kendall Jenner - $6.85 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $18 Million

It was after rising model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner decided to move out of her mother's house when she proceeded with this wise real estate investment deal. The 4,824-square-foot mansion is located in a quiet area in Hollywood Hills and has a gym, spa room, and a huge pool ideal for sunbathing. Reportedly, the A-list model bought the property for $6.5 million in 2016 then sold it for $6.85 million in 2017, proving that she has some skills in wealth management! Well, she won't ever be needing a payday loan or a home loan for that matter, before she acquires another property.","

Lea Michele - $3.3 Million, Los Angeles

Net Worth: $10 Million

Lea Michele's latest house is proof that she is a real estate investment genius. The Glee star snatched up the deluxe mansion by giving a $3 million blow to her bank account, but she doesn't seem to regret it. For the actress, her home is her retreat, where she can relax away from the rowdy city. Her net worth is estimated to reach $10 million, so we are sure that she can well afford her new property even with its steep home insurance premiums!

Adele - $9.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $135 Million

Our favorite British singer has successfully made a name for herself and build an impressive net worth of $135 million. Being the A-list celebrity that she is today, there was no doubt that her lifestyle would be as luxurious as the mansion she bought in Beverly Hills, which she acquired for a cool $9.5 million. The Hallo singer went further by doing the interior design of her estate, and we are sure that she decreased her bank account balance by picking unique paintings for her walls and other elegant furnishings. To protect her investment, Adele has likely secured the property with a comprehensive home insurance plan, too.

Jared Leto - $2 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $40 Million

We all know that the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman rocks in concerts, but what you might not have heard about is his genius wealth management skills. Leto purchased a 4,000-square-foot mansion in 2006 for $1.65 million, which is superbly located amidst a lush green area. But then, the famous singer decided to put the estate back on the market in 2017 with an initial price of $1.99 million, and finally sold it for $2.05 million, making the property a profitable real estate investment!

Mandy Moore - $2.6 Million, Pasadena

Net Worth: $10 Million

Candy hitmaker Mandy Moore decided to pamper herself by making a real estate investment in Pasadena. The deluxe house has three bedrooms and bathrooms, while patios surround the huge pool which looks ideal for a relaxing day under the sun. Recently, the Saved! star hired interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to get an expert hand for the renovation of her house and with all the added spendings, we hope that she won't have to file for bankruptcy by the end of the process!

Jane Fonda - $8.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $120 Million

Besides fitness and acting, Jane Fonda should add her exceptional wealth management skills as an asset to her resume. The famous actress bought a palatial Beverly Hills mansion in 2012 for $7.3 million and we guess it was her tax attorney who advised her to put the property back on the market in 2017. Initially, the price was set at $13 million, but since there were no takers who'd be willing enough to snatch such a pricey real estate investment, Fonda dropped the price tag to $8.5 million and finally sold it recently!

Beyonce & Jay-Z - $88 Million, LA

Net Worth - $1.16 Billion

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Corey Carter recently welcomed their twins and were now in need of a bigger house. Hence, they purchased an $88-million Los Angeles mansion. We always knew that Jay-Z enjoys spoiling his lovely wife with expensive gifts, but this pricey real estate investment makes us wonder if it came as an apology after he publicly admitted that he cheated on her. The couple has managed to stay together and work on their issues without searching for divorce lawyers, making happily-ever-after come true!


Kathie Lee Gifford in Florida is priced at a whopping $10.5 million and it is the house that Frank Gifford left to her. The vacation home is in Florida and resembles a French chateau and is of 11,400 square foot. The house overlooks Card Sound and has eight bedrooms, a gym, bar, and many more features. Her house is in Greenwich, Connecticut and has been her home for more than 21 years now. She claims that the backyard is her favorite spot in the whole house and it surely is a sight to take in with various seating arrangements and a scenic view of Long Island. After the drastic hurricane of 2012, Kathie had to revamp her backyard as it was damaged and she transformed it into something better with a fully decked bar and dining area. The exterior of the house is beautifully white with red tiles as if it has been plucked out of Spain.

Eva Mendes - $1.27 Million, California

Net Worth: $15 Million

Everyone knows that Eva Mendes is currently in a relationship with Ryan Gosling. However, she had bought a house with her old partner George Gargurevich. The property was located in Los Angeles and they bought it in 2002 for close to $580K. It featured three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and took up to 1.732 square feet. On top of that, the house had outdoor lounging, a fireplace, a hot tub, and a first-floor patio. Eva quickly sold the house after they broke up and managed to get about $1.27 million for it. Eva and Ryan are currently enjoying family life with their two children.

Chuck Liddell - Estimated $2.6 Million, Hidden Hills

Net Worth: $14 Million

Chuck Liddell decided to celebrate his retirement by buying a house. He got this $2.6-million house in Hidden Hills, California that includes five bedrooms, a swimming pool, a library, and even a basketball court. It takes up a bit less than 6.000 square feet. Chuck was a well known UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who decided to hang up his boots in 2010. After rumors circulated of him coming back for one final fight, he did exactly that in 2018, just to fight Tito Ortiz for the third time. He, unfortunately, lost the fight after being knocked out on the first round.

Judd Apatow & Leslie Mann - $11.5 Million, Malibu

Combined Net Worth: $108 Million

Judd Apatow has been with Leslie Mann ever since 1997 and they have had two children during that time. They have apparently developed an interest in buying and selling homes these last years. This one, in particular, was bought in 2013 for about $11.85 million. The house dates back to the '30s, and it measures 2,550 square feet and features three bedrooms and three bathrooms. They have since decided to sell it in 2015 for $11.5 million. Meanwhile, Judd and Leslie recently bought a house in Santa Monica, spending about $14.5 million.

Kanye West - $2.95 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $250 Million

Ever since he released his first album in 2013, Kanye West was living in his bachelor pad that he bought prior to that year. He had reportedly bought this 4,200-square-foot home for about $1.75 million. Over the years, Kanye has tried selling it on multiple occasions, asking a bit more than $3 million. He only managed to sell it in 2017, after about seven years of trying, for $2.95 million. The house featured three bedrooms, four bathrooms on multiple levels, balconies, and a master bedroom with a huge fish tank. Kim and Kanye just had their fourth baby through surrogate and named him Psalm.

Ryan Seacrest - $11.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $410 Million

On top of being a producer, Ryan Seacrest is also a successful TV show host. His wealth is worth being jealous over since it reaches as high as $410 million and he surely has plenty of houses to go with it. He reportedly bought this deluxe house in Hollywood Hills for $11.5 million. The house was built in the '70s, with six bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms. It spreads out to 10,000 square feet of space. He tried putting it up for sale unsuccessfully in 2010 with an asking price of $14.5 million. Ryan Seacrest is currently hosting The American Idol competition and his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

Bryce Dallas Howard - $2.455 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $15 Million

Following the footsteps of her father, Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard has managed to become quite a successful actress and director herself. When she was just beginning to create her very own movie portfolio, she managed to buy this beautiful home in 2006 for $2.9 million, just months after she got married to Seth Gabel. The house was built in the 1930s and inspired by the Mediterranean theme. She listed it in 2013, after giving birth to her second child and managed to sell it for $2.455 million. Bryce Dallas Howard has most recently played in the hit movie portraying Elton John's life called Rocketman.

Lauren Conrad - $4.9 Million, California

Net Worth: $25 Million

Right after announcing her pregnancy in 2017, Lauren Conrad listed her Pacific Palisades, California house on the market. The house is a 5,900-square-foot Mediterranean style mansion with rustic touches, two terraces, and a fire pit. It consists of five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. She had bought it for $4.4 million. Earlier in 2019, MTV announced that it would start playing the revival of The Hills, which Lauren declined participating in. It seems that she is now focusing on being a mother and a wife to her loving husband, William Tell.

Bill Gates - $178.35 Million, Washington

Net Worth: $100.8 Billion

There's much to say about Bill Gates' Xanadu 2.0 house. According to real estate estimations, it's worth about $178 million, definitely little compared to the Microsoft founder's total worth. It is a 66,000-square-foot mansion with seven bedrooms and 18 bathrooms throughout. Keeping in mind that Gates had originally bought the lot for just $2 million in 1988, it was an enormous upgrade. The house has awesome technological features like the changing decorations on the walls. He even has his favorite tree, a 40-year-old maple tree that he monitors using a computer. He was the richest man in the world for a long time before Amazon's Jeff Bezos surpassed his riches.

Robbie Williams - $22 Million, London

Net Worth: $200 Million

Robbie Williams, with his family, are the proud owners of a 1870s house also known as Woodlands House. He has gotten into trouble trying to renovate it, especially with his neighbor Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin trying to stop them. Page believed that the renovations would destroy the house's historic significance. The house consists of six bedrooms, a cinema room, and an indoor swimming pool in the making in an underground floor. Having a total of 46 rooms, it's enough to fit everyone in the family and more. Unfortunately, Robbie and his wife have just announced that they will not be coming back to judge yet another season of U.K.'s X Factor.

Drake - $7.7 Million, Hidden Hills

Net Worth: $140 Million

Drake's Yolo Estate is characterized by its crazy swimming pool that features waterfalls and insane lightning throughout. On top of that, Drake made sure to make it into the perfect party house when he bought it, having a movie theater, tennis, and a basketball court, stables, and even a mechanical bull! It also has a master bedroom hidden behind a bookshelf, exactly like in the movies. In acquiring the house, he paid $7.7 million in 2012. Drake has three houses in the Hidden Hills area. He bought the neighboring house in 2016 and the third one in 2017.

Cameron Diaz - $4.25 Million, Manhattan

Net Worth: $140 Million

This wonderful Manhattan apartment was once owned by Cameron Diaz. She listed it on the market after getting married in 2015. The inside was designed by Kelly Wearstler and as a result, it was even published by Elle D'cor. Located in West Village, it was built in 1929 and featured two bedrooms. Cameron has since bought a house in L.A. with her husband Benji Madden. Even though she has made it clear that she won't be taking up any new movie roles, she made a rare appearance at Lucy Liu's Walk of Fame ceremony. Cameron, alongside all of Charlie's Angels stars, was all smiles and laughter.

Courteney Cox - $33 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $120 Million

After managing to earn $1 million per episode with Friends, how much better can it get? The answer is a lot! Courteney Cox was the proud owner of this $33-million property in Malibu. The house was 5,500 square feet large combined with 80 square feet of beach in front. It featured four bedrooms and an ocean view from every single room. Courteney listed the house on the market with her ex David Arquette asking for $33.5 million. She has since broken up with him and is currently in a relationship with Johnny McDaid. Courteney was last seen in an episode of Shameless in 2018.

Floyd Mayweather- $10 Million, Las Vegas

Net Worth: $560 Million

Floyd Mayweather can tell you that the high life in Las Vegas isn't for the faint-hearted. The former professional boxing star has seen championship after championship, and he is enjoying his retirement now in a stunning Las Vegas mansion worth $10 million. It is a single-story home but it is sprawling as it features 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms! That is certainly excess if we've ever seen it! An elevator leads to the basement, which is next to the master bedroom. Why have just one pool? This home has both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool as well! The 1.4 acres of land it sits on is massive for Las Vegas!

Drew Barrymore - $7.5 Million, California

Net Worth: $125 Million

This beautiful Montecito house belonged to Drew Barrymore. It was the same house where she exchanged ‘I Dos' with Will Kopelman. The house took up 6,000 square feet of space and was reportedly built in the late '30s. It featured six bedrooms and a huge backyard, perfect for hosting outdoor events. Drew listed her loving home in 2013 on the market, with an asking price of $7.5 million. She got a divorce from Will a couple of years later. She is, without a doubt, a very loved actress throughout the world, and almost everyone has enjoyed watching her acting in the Santa Clarita Diet from 2017 until its cancellation in March 2019.

Julia Roberts - $5.3 Million, New York

Net Worth: $200 Million

This breathtaking view of New York City comes from an apartment that once belonged to Julia Roberts. She had reportedly bought it back in 2010 for $3.85 million. The apartment featured three bedrooms, an outdoor patio, beautiful views of the city, and a wood burning fireplace while covering about 2,000 square feet! Julia put it on the market five years later asking for $4.5 million. She must have had some tricks up her sleeve since she managed to sell it for $5.3 million! All in all, Julia is a very talented actress on top of having an eye for real estate. We all enjoyed watching her in Homecoming in 2018.

Marshawn Lynch - $3.6 Million, Richmond

Net Worth: $40 Million

Marshawn Lynch bought this house in Richmond, California back in 2012 when he was still playing for the Seattle Seahawks. As his love for the sea wasn't already implied from the team he had chosen to play with, the 7,000-square-foot house features a private boat dock! He had paid $3.6 million to acquire it, and it was clearly worth its money since it also featured five bedrooms, a wine cellar, an elevator, and a home theater. Marshawn's last season was played in 2018 with the Oakland Raiders when he was injured in the groin and underwent surgery. He is currently enjoying being a retired football player.

Louis Tomlinson - $7.8 Million, Hollywood

Net Worth: $54 Million

He might have been initially recognized as a member of One Direction, but Louis has since grown to be much more. He decided to settle in Hollywood at some point, after switching in between rentals. Louis bought this Hollywood Hills house for about $7.8 million. It features anything he might ever need, covering about 6,000 square feet with four bedrooms, private balconies, an infinity pool, a home cinema, and of course, views of the city below. He came back to U.K.'s X Factor in 2018 as a judge and managed to win it with Dalton Harris. Louis has also just recently released his newest single, Two of Us.

Jessica Alba - $9.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $340 Million

When Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren were expecting their third baby in 2017, Jessica bought this Beverly Hills house for $9.95 million. The house takes up about 8,800 square feet of space and features seven bedrooms with eight and a half bathrooms, including a one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest house. It also has a total of five fireplaces throughout, a terrace and a swimming pool, more than enough to comfortably accommodate her and her family. She is currently juggling in between being a mother of three and a successful actress, playing in the TV show L.A.'s Finest as Nancy McKenna.

Holly Willoughby - $3.85 Million, London

Net Worth: $10 Million

Holly Willoughby is an English TV presenter who knows that there is a time for work and a time for play. And it seems that Holly's idea of play is spending her hard-earned money! She has thought of a wise and better way to spend it by pumping it into a wonderful piece of an estate! Holly purchased a home in London and shared some pictures of her place with her fans. Everything in the pictures simply sparkles luxuriously and it matches her sparkling personality, too! This lively girl is married to Dan Baldwin.

Serena Williams - $6.7 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $180 Million

As a celebrity, when you have a new baby, you get to have the option of choosing which home you'd like to raise the kid in. For most of us regular folks, that doesn't even come to mind! Serena Williams and her man, Alexis Ohanian, decided on raising their child in Beverly Hills, in a Spanish style home of $6.7 million. Their previous home was listed for $12 million and was situated in Bel Air. In December 2018, the mansion in Palm Beach once shared by Serena Williams and her sister, Venus Williams was placed on the market for $2.695 million.

Bruce Willis - $9 Million, New York

Net Worth: $180 Million

Bruce Willis is not a man to leave his riches lying in his savings account. He is one for bold purchases and risks - like buying an 8,400-square-foot mansion for $9 million. This was a good real estate investment on the star actor's part, and we bet it got the nod of approval from his wealth consultants before he penned the paperwork. The home is great for ultimate privacy and is equipped with a high-tech security system to ensure he has nothing to worry about. The home is located in Bedford, a part of New York.

Ronda Rousey - Undisclosed Amount, Venice (California)

Net Worth: $12 Million

People love the WWE; all the blood, sweat, tears and showmanship - people can't get enough! That's why the public adore Ronda Rousey. She was born kicking from the womb. When it comes to athleticism, she is one of the best in the world. She has won so many awards it's hard to keep up! She was the first female UFC champion and won bronze in the 2008 Summer Olympics for judo. Again, she was the first woman to do so. Ronda has worked from the bottom up and deserves everything she has. She lives in a beautiful house in Venice, California that is simply divine and elegant.

Jennifer Lawrence - $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $120 Million

After her fast rise to success, the famous actress thought it was time to get her own house since her $120 million net worth could afford that. J.Law wouldn't settle for a regular apartment but opted for a proper real estate investment by purchasing a 5,500- square-feet palace in Beverly Hills. The interior decoration for its five bedrooms and six bathrooms has probably cost her bank account a small fortune, but with a high credit card spending limit, we're certain that she even got a pricey home insurance, too!

Alan Jackson - Lakefront House, Estimated, $28 Million

Alan Eugene Jackson is not only one of the most successful American country singers, but he is also an accomplished songwriter. Over the years, since his debut in 1983, he has successfully recorded three of the greatest hit albums, sixteen studio albums, two Christmas albums, and two gospel albums. A part of the reason why Alan Jackson is so remarkably famous worldwide is due to the fact that he honours traditional country music. At the age of 60 even after having sold over 80 million records, Jackson still remains active and a hit. His success can be measured through his luxury house in Franklin. The house is built on 135 acres of land and is modelled or inspired by Tara from Gone With The Wind. In this mansion, Jackson and his wife raised their two daughters until they moved out, after which Jackson sold it.

Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa - NYC Penthouse, Estimated

$24.5 Million

The Spanish-born American actor, Mark Consuelos, who currently plays Hiram Lodge in the hit TV show, Riverdale, along with his wife, an American actress, dancer, television host and producer, Kelly Ripa, make a handsome couple. Perhaps the only thing that is more handsome about them is their luxury penthouse located in the New York city, which the couple believes is an “unparalleled penthouse”. The 6,792 square foot house is currently listed at $24.5 Million. The penthouse holds four bedrooms, over four bathrooms and of course, a dazzling outdoor space The outdoor space doesn't just include a mainstream balcony, but it also holds a hot tub, BBQ area, outdoor shower, fireplace and an access to the penthouse's gym. Indeed, the couple wasn't joking around or exaggerating when they claimed their penthouse to be unparalleled to all other penthouses.

Pat Sajak - $1.275 Million, Severna Park

Net Worth: $65 Million

One of the most recognizable faces on television, Pat Sajak, has owned his Severna Park home for a long time. The Wheel of Fortune game show host has reportedly splashed about $1.2 million on his mansion, but what's that compared to his $65-million net worth? Thanks to his long-running television career as a host, Sajak can afford a thing or two when it comes to luxury possessions. He is signed as the host of the popular game show until 2022, just like the hostess Vanna White, who has been on the show since 1982.

The Weeknd - $20 Million, Hidden Hills

Net Worth: $70 Million

The music industry today is perhaps more competitive than it has been in any other time in history, what with so many artists and so many unique tastes in music. Then you have various audiences to cater to, not to mention the trends changing faster than you can keep up with them! Well, The Weeknd, aka Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, has been making money with his distinct voice and distinct sound since 2010. His career has afforded him a 12,000-square-foot luxury estate of nine bedrooms in Hidden Hills. The place had cost him $20 million, but we think it was likely small change for this growing star!

Brad Pitt - $67 Million, France

Net Worth: $240 Million

When Brad Pitt was married to Angelina Jolie, she and Brad bought this wonderful French castle-like vineyard called Chateau Miraval. They wanted its vineyard to produce wine while renovating the house. They leased it for three years in 2008 and ended up buying it in 2011 for $67 million. They even hosted their nuptials there. It was the one asset they didn't part with after getting a divorce. Even though they have faced some difficulties, the vineyard is now able to produce its own wine. Brad has now taken a turn in producing, with his most recent job being the TV show, The OA.

Ciara - $6.7 Million, Meydenbauer Bay

Net Worth: $20 Million

Ever since Ciara got married to Russell Wilson, they have been living in this beautiful deluxe house in Seattle. Russell had bought it in 2015 for $6.7 million, just about when they had started dating. It is a 10,210-square-foot mansion that also has 84 feet of waterfront. It features seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with a beautiful master suite with large windows and an additional theater room and a wine cellar. It has everything Ciara and her family could ever need. Things seem to be looking great for her these past years and she has just released her seventh studio album in 2019 called Beauty Marks.

Greg Norman - $55 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $340 Million

One of the oldest standing houses in Jupiter Island, Florida belongs to the golfer, Greg Norman. He had bought it back in 1991 for just $4.9 million. It takes up 26,000 square feet of space, including a lovely oceanfront. The house featured a 14-car garage, a tennis court, a skate park, and a pool. However, Greg apparently started getting bored with it and tried selling it. His original asking price was $65 million, which gradually dropped at $55 million. After failing to sell, Greg decided to demolish it and start from scratch. He started the demolition in 2018 and hoped to finish working on it by the end of 2019.

Hayden Panettiere - $2.1 Million, Nashville

Net Worth: $15 Million

Nashville's TV show star, Hayden Panettiere sold her house in Nashville for $2.1 million back in 2013. The house had 5,325 square feet of space, with four bedrooms and eight bathrooms throughout. It also featured an infinity pool and a terrace. It was designed by Stephen Kanner. Hayden has now finished her time in the Nashville show and has just released the movie Berlin I Love You. She seems to enjoy moving around and changing the scenery since, only in 2018, she has sold her other house in Green Hills for $1.65 million.

Joe Montana - $35 Million, California

Net Worth: $80 Million

Joe Montana's talent as a football player has established him as one of the greatest football players of all time, and his house sure looks the part! This deluxe house was where Montana used to spend his vacation time. It has more than 10,000 square feet of space with three bedrooms, a stunning swimming pool, and it also features a basketball court, shooting range, an olive farm, and horse stables. On top of that, the house has stunning views from its floor-to-ceiling windows and its porch. He initially tried selling it for $45 million but later lowered the asking price to $35 million. Joe is currently living in San Francisco.

Celine Dion - $28 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $400 Million

After the death of her husband in 2016, Celine Dion became the sole owner of their mansion in Jupiter Island, according to his last will and testament. But the legendary singer had sold the property for $28 million, perhaps partly due to the high home insurance cost (nope, not due to bankruptcy). The 11,000-square-foot mansion includes more than five bedrooms and various entertainment rooms while boasting a majestic view of the ocean. Sources claim the house was sold for less than half of its original price, but this didn't bother Dion, as she holds an impressive $400-million net worth.

Jeff Franklin - $4 Million, San Francisco

Net Worth: $180 Million

We all remember the iconic '80s-'90s show Full House, and we were pleased to find out that Jeff Franklin, the executive producer of the series, bought the house that was used in the show. As the property was built in 1883, Franklin had to draw from his bank account a considerable chunk of money for a total makeover of his real estate investment. Today, the mansion looks like a small palace, though we hope that he did not neglect to charge his credit card for the home insurance policy.

Jillian Michaels - $8.795 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $14 Million

After many attempts of selling it, Jillian Michaels has just re-listed her Las Flores Beach house in Malibu with an asking price of $8.795 million. The last time her house had appeared for sale, it was $20K cheaper! It is incredibly stunning and it makes you wonder why she hasn't had any luck selling it. Her first attempt to sell this three-story beach house was at $9.75 million. It features high wood-paneled ceilings and glass walls. It has an interior of 4,300 square feet with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an office. On top of that, it has two balconies with ocean views. Let's hope she manages to sell it soon!

Seth Meyers - $7.5 Million, Greenwich Village

Net worth: $10 Million

While Seth Meyers may be all about plain lifestyle, he may have splurged a little on his latest real estate investment. The famous TV host purchased a 3,000-square-foot duplex that cost him $7.5 million. Well, he must have been blown away by the stunning view of the Empire State Building, as it is located perfectly on the vibrant side of Greenwich Village. With an estimated net worth of $10 million, though, we do wonder if he has had to consider a payday loan or fill out a mortgage application for this house. After all, no one wants to spend all their money on something at the risk of facing bankruptcy.

Travis Barker - $2.8 Million, California

Net Worth: $45 Million

He became recognized as one of the best drummers in the world while playing with the Blink 182. However, Travis Barker has since participated in numerous projects. This is his house in Calabasas, California. He had reportedly bought it for $2.8 million some years ago but ended up renting it out for $27.5K per month. The house was built in 2006 and featured six bedrooms, six bathrooms with 7,200 square feet of indoor space. The master bedroom has a private sitting room, a terrace, and a walk-in closet with floor-to-ceiling shoe shelves. Travis had played the drums for XXXTentacion's album Skins and on Kanye West's One Minute song in 2018.

Diane Kruger - $4.2 Million - New York

Net Worth: $24 Million

Right after she broke up with Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger sold her old house and bought this eco-friendly apartment in downtown New York for $4.2 million. The house has 1,943 square feet of indoor space with two bedrooms and even a gym. It also features oversized ceilings and beautiful brick walls. Diane is now in a loving relationship with Norman Reedus starting 2016. In 2018, they welcomed their child - a daughter - together into the world. We are expecting to see Diane in her new movie, The Operative, in 2019.

Chris Hemsworth - $15 Million, Byron Bay

Net Worth: $90 Million

With the help of the Marvel franchise, Chris Hemsworth now has a handsome fortune in his bank account! But in spite of his status as a star in Tinsel Town, Hemsworth is far more inclined to living in the country. He went ahead and bought a home in Byron Bay for $15 million. But okay, we're adding it up; it was really a $7-million purchase but cost another $8 million for the extensive home remodeling and renovations. At the end of the day, Hemsworth got what he wanted - 11 acres of private land with private access to the beach! It's a perfect getaway from Hollywood's glitz and glamour!

Kimora Lee Simmons - $25 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $50 Million

Model Kimora Lee Simmons has spent years enjoying family time after she stopped working. She and her husband Tim Leissner acquired this posh Beverly Hills house in 2017 by spending $25 million. To be fair, this price is justified by its 20,000 square feet of space with seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. The house also features a library/office, a family room and, of course, a home theater with a projector. Her two daughters are currently following in her footsteps, launching their careers as models. Stunning beauty sure runs in the family!

Patrick Dempsey - $14.5 Million, Malibu

Net Worth: $60 Million

After working hard on set and enriching his bank account by some millions, our favorite Grey's Anatomy star spoiled himself by purchasing this 4,415 square feet nobby mansion in Malibu. The famous actor opted for a minimalistic interior design of his sumptuous estate that includes an impressive pool and a great full planted yard. We guess it was his tax attorney that adviced him to put the property for sale asking for a cool $15 million and we wish we could afford to be the new owners!

Scarlett Johansson - $3.8 Million - Los Angeles

Net Worth: $140 Million

Three years before getting a divorce, Scarlett Johansson and her ex-husband, Romain Dauriac, bought this beautiful two-story house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The house now belongs to Scarlett. It has about 3,500 square feet of indoor space with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms split between its two floors. The house also features an all-green backyard (lots of trees and grass) with a swimming pool area. Scarlett continues her successful acting career, especially after the 2019 release of The Avengers: Endgame, where she again appears as the Black Widow.

Kate Upton - $5.5 Million, Benedict Canyon, CA

Net Worth: $20 Million

Successful modeling figure Kate Upton's financial portfolio looks great, especially after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit work. And then, after marrying Justin Verlander, her life has opened new avenues and she can now use her income to invest in something rewarding for them both. The couple moved into a 5,500-square-foot house in Benedict Canyon, California and their combined wealth probably made the $5.5 million purchase a piece of cake. The home is surrounded entirely by wilderness and is totally secluded. It also features a Gourmet kitchen and a huge office.

Jessica Chastain - $5 Million - New York

Net Worth: $20 Million

After becoming a success with her acclaimed films, Jessica Chastain decided it was time to buy an apartment in New York City. She got this beautiful 3,200-square-foot residence in the historic Osborne building. It features five fireplaces in separate rooms, tall windows, a kitchen with a wine refrigerator, and a library/ TV room with built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. We are all looking forward to seeing Jessica in her upcoming roles in the X-Men movie the Dark Phoenix and in the thriller, It: Chapter Two. Chastain has also ventured into producing. Since 2017, she's been married to Italian Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.

Kobe Bryant - $6.1 Million, Los Angeles

Net Worth: $500 Million

One of the highest-earning basketball players ever, Kobe Bryant is in for a fun retirement considering the fact he's got a $500-million fortune. Bryant used to live in this lavish Los Angeles home which he initially listed for $8 million. However, a little while later, the house was sold for slightly over $6 million. Kobe bought the place in 2001 and spent some beautiful years there. Whoever bought it can enjoy the home theater and the house's many other amenities. Bryant is equally successful outside basketball, too. He won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2018 for Dear Basketball.

Chip and Joanna Gaines - Undisclosed Amount, Waco, Texas

Net Worth: $18 Million

Some people love nothing better than taking something that is damaged and transforming it into something exquisite. Chip and Joanna Gaines have the show Fixer Upper where they literally fix up TLC houses. It is based in Waco, Texas - where the couple live. They live in a beautiful farmhouse which they fixed up which houses themselves and their 5 children. Their Victorian-styled home is simplistic, rustic and uses natural elements for decor. It is 1,700 square feet and is on 40 acres of beautiful land in Waco, Texas.

Chris Evans - $3.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Net Worth: $70 Million

If you've watched Captain America, then you know Chris Evans. But if you haven't watched Captain America, you'd still know Chris Evans! Yes, he is a star and he has a whopping bank balance of $70 million to prove it! Evans splurged on a $3.5-million home of 4,599 square feet in Laurel Canyon and the home serves as the ideal getaway for Evans to kick back and unwind after those long hours of shooting films. The house boasts an open concept kitchen, supposedly because Evans is apparently fond of whipping up a meal or two in the kitchen!","

Samuel L. Jackson - $8.35 million, Tudor style home, San Fernando Valley

Net Worth: $150 Million

San Fernando Valley is a posh area and home to a number of rich and famous people. Samuel Leroy Jackson lives with his family in this neighborhood. The actor was always looking for a house that has a huge dining space and they got what they wanted in this home. It has a huge dining space with a walnut table and walnut chairs from the 1920s. He has a personal office in his home the walls of which are adorned with posters and articles which highlight the achievements of the actor. There is also an autographed boxing glove which was once used by Muhammad Ali. The BAFTA-winning actor lives in Los Angeles with his wife, LaTanya. He bought this home in June 2000 for a whopping $8.35 million. Jackson deserves his life of luxury as he is one of the most humble and kind-hearted as well as charismatic yet charming actors in the film industry. One of his most loved roles is that of Nick Fury in The Avengers Franchise.

Nancy Sinatra - $5.3 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $50 Million

Nancy Sinatra is known not only because she is the daughter of the celebrated Frank Sinatra but also because she was a major singer and actor back in her days. Perhaps her most famous song was These Boots Were Made for Walkin' which was a source of motivation for American soldiers in Vietnam. She owned an 8,085 square foot house in Beverly Hills for a long time but then she later sold it for $5.3 million. The house has a beautiful structure with 5 bedrooms. It also has a grand room which sports high ceilings. The luxurious house has 2 fireplaces, a family room, and a bar that is attached to the lounge. The kitchen of the house had tile work that was completely traditional and had a separate space for a butler's pantry. For Sinatra's guests, there was a guest suite that was located on the first floor of the house.

Christina Aguilera - $13.5 Million, LA

Net Worth: $130 Million

Singing sensation Christina Aguilera admires luxury and tastefully adorned houses, so we weren't puzzled by her latest real estate investment that depleted her account balance by $13.5 million. Her L.A. mansion has graced many art and decor magazines for its unique aesthetics and bold furnishings. The unique house has gigantic dimensions and includes a playroom where she can have quality family time with her two kids, and of course, a huge wardrobe, where she enjoys her passion for fashion.

Richard Dean Anderson - Undisclosed Amount, Malibu

Net Worth: $20 Million

Richard Dean Anderson had built a fortune for himself in the '80s when he was a star! He was cast in the ever-popular series McGyver, from 1987 until 1992. Anderson's home is unique and full of character. It makes use of plenty of natural materials in the design, with a lot of wood that lends to its luxurious feel. There is also an alfresco element to the deluxe house, and somehow, it manages to capture the outdoors even indoors! The home is two stories high and rests on a gentle slope. It is magnificent and elegant, but beautiful in a sense - so unlike the modern glitz and glamour that you so often see.

Kevin Costner - $60 Million, California

Net Worth: $250 Million

In 2006, Kevin Costner spent $28.5 million to buy a gigantic property in Carpinteria, California. Despite the land space of 10.25 acres, the house on the lot was more than humble, with only 2 bedrooms and a bath. It was worth every penny when he decided to sell it recently, in exchange for $60 million. The views of the Pacific Ocean and the never-ending lush greenery made it a place to remember. Costner is currently continuing his collaboration with the Yellowstone series and is also set to star in the movie called The Highwaymen.

Billy Joel - $35 Million, Florida

Net Worth: $200 Million

Billy Joel has been a man of the music industry for over five decades now and so you can simply imagine how much dough he's built up over time! Pictured above, you can get a peek at Joel's home in all its lavish beauty. This one is in Miami Beach, Florida and it has cost Joel a whopping $35 million before moving in! Of course, the location is breathtaking, but this deluxe house has yet another uniquely fascinating aspect about it - across it is a stunning pier. There's also a wine cellar and a swimming pool.