Richest in America

Net Worth: $14.4B
Family Business: Ziff Davis, Inc.
Industry: Investing, Publishing
Prominent Member: Dirk Ziff

A few years ago, the ultra-powerful Ziff family closed their hedge funds and shut down both their American and London-based branches. But it doesn’t really matter: the Ziff Brothers Investments firm will forever go down in history for its massive impact on Wall Street.

Even if the Ziff brothers themselves, Dirk and Robert, have each gone their separate ways to pursue different businesses. The family’s fortune goes back nearly a century, back to William Ziff Sr.’s publishing company.

That firm, Ziff Davis, continued to grow after William’s son (William Jr.) took over. PC Magazine and Car and Driver are two of Ziff’s best-known publications. Its wealth mainly derives from investments now. Dirk now owns his own capital company in New York.

Net Worth: $11B
Family Business: H.E. Butt
Industry: Food
Prominent Member: Charles Butt

The Butt family is based in Texas. They own the popular grocery store chain H.E.B. Grocery. The business was actually opened under somewhat tragic circumstances back in 1905.

The original founder, Florence Butt, opened the store in hopes of offsetting the costs for her husband’s tuberculosis diagnosis – meaning he also couldn’t work. To their surprise, the company immediately took off. Howard Butt, her son, continued to grow the company throughout Texas.

Howard’s son Charles eventually took over for him. Charles Butt is now the head of this multi-billion-dollar enterprise, having been the CEO since 1971 (he started off as a bag boy at age 8). Today the empire is worth $22 billion with 329 Texan stores and 54 Mexican locations.

Net worth: $3.5B
Family Business:
Industry: Financial
Prominent Member: Rodger Riney

The Riney family commands the Scottrade empire. Founder Rodger O. Riney originally developed the company (which would later be bought by TD Ameritrade). Riney was born in the 1940s. His first encounter with the stock market was when his grandparents gave him ten shares of stock. He received his education from the University of Missouri.

The brokerage industry was deregulated in the 1970s, and Riney made his move them, starting Scottsdale Securities. Scottsdale provided trades at a lower-commission. He opened another branch in St. Louis a decade later. The company started its own internet trading platform in 1996.

It was, at some point, renamed to Scottrade. Riney is known for a tightly conservative management style. Scottrade is reputed as a great company to work for.

Net Worth: $3.9B
Family Business: 2929 Entertainment, the Dallas Mavericks
Industry: Film Production, Sports
Prominent Member: Mark Cuban

There are few names in Hollywood bigger than Mark Cuban. The entertainment mogul owns everything from film companies to an NBA team. His working class family roots makes his fantastic business success even more admirable.

Early ventures in software and systems gave Cuban a taste for success. But he soon took his talents to Hollywood where he founded a film company, 2929 Entertainment. One of the company’s first projects was the George Clooney film Good Night, and Good Luck. The film was an indie success and received six Oscar nominations.

Further film projects, documentaries, and a majority purchase of the Dallas Mavericks transformed Cuban’s wealth beyond belief. He frequently offers words of investment wisdom on the television series Shark Tank.

Net Worth: $17.1B

Net Worth: $24.3B
Family Business: Estée Lauder
Industry: Cosmetics
Prominent Member: Leonard Lauder

The Lauder family gained its wealth from their eponymous cosmetics company Estée Lauder. The empire began shortly after World War II when husband-wife founders Estée and Joseph Lauder created it.

At the time they operated only in New York City, and offered four basic products: cleansing oil, a crème pack, all-purpose crème, and skin lotion. The products were a smash hit. Within two years they’d saved up enough money to open their first department store on Saks Fifth Avenue.

The product range expanded over the next fifteen years, and the brand introduced new labels such as Aramis and Clinique. In the 1990’s, Estée Lauder began topping international sales. But the powerful Lauder family has managed to control leadership of the country throughout the generations.

Net Worth: $3.7B
Family Business: Amblin, DreamWorks
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Steven Spielberg

Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg is the highest-grossing director of all time. The maker of such hits as Jaws, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List has made more unforgettable Blockbusters than we deserve.

Spielberg, his wife (former actress Kate Capshaw), and their many children and grandchildren all together control an estate worth roughly $3.7 billion. Much of this comes from various real estate investments and obviously Spielberg’s film work.

This includes his role as a producer as well as a director. In fact, Spielberg owns the DreamWorks studio outright. The mini-studio has churned out major hits including the Transformers franchise and the Shrek films. A big chunk of those profits go directly into Spielberg’s pocket.

Net Worth: $3.4B
Family Business: Wynn Resorts
Industry: Hospitality
Prominent Member: Steve Wynn

Few families have shot to fortune – or crashed from it – quite so spectacularly as the Wynns. The patriarch, Steve Wynn, became a billionaire in Las Vegas. He is credited with constructing some of the Strip’s most famous hotels and casinos, including the Bellagio and The Mirage.

From this success he created his flagship empire, Wynn Resorts. This powerful company erected countless luxury hotels across the globe. His wife, Elaine, headed the board for over a decade.

The company started taking on water in the 2000s, with shares of Wynn Resorts stock hitting record lows. After a serious restructuring, profits finally began to return to their prior heights.

Net Worth: $137B
Family Business: Amazon
Industry: E-commerce
Prominent Member: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is one of the most famous CEOs today. As a result, he and his family have soared to the top of the world’s richest elite. Bezos is the CEO and founder of e-commerce and streaming giant Amazon.

But he was born into humble beginnings: his mother was a teenager when he was born, and his father only owned a small bike shop.  His parents divorced when he was four. His mother then married Mark Bezos, an immigrant from Cuba.

Bezos attended Princeton, and when he graduated, he got job offers from many major tech companies. He worked on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager in the 1980s. But it wasn’t until 1994 that he founded Amazon. It originally started off as a simple online bookstore. Now, it sells pretty much everything imaginable. Amazon recently acquired the grocery chain Whole Foods.

Net Worth: $5.5B
Family Business: LucasFilm
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: George Lucas

Often cited as the richest celebrity figure of all time, George Lucas made a small fortune following the surprise success of his American Graffiti follow-up, Star Wars. But his stroke of financial genius was in pionering the film’s special effects – thus owning the technology for all time.

The success of Star Wars – coupled with a very smart contract which granted Lucas total franchise rights from 20th Century Fox – led him to start a string of successful film companies. There was THX, which revolutionized sound technology. Then LucasFilm, which produced his many hit films.

But there was also LucasArts, which made video games; Skywalker Sound, which revolutionized recording and mixing audio; and Industrial Light & Magic, which literally wrote the book on modern special effects since the 1970s.

Net Worth: $1.9B
Family Business: The Charlotte Hornets
Industry: Sports, Entertainment
Prominent Member: Michael Jordan

They just don’t get bigger than MJ. Michael Jordan, Number 23, shot to worldwide fame as the star of the Chicago Bulls NBA team. His success on the court transitioned into many successful ventures off the court.

This includes a brief acting career (yes, we’re talking about Space Jam, people), major endorsements for Nike and Hanes, and of course, his signature Air Jordan line of sports shoes. He and his family are standing on a nearly $2 billion fortune.

This is largely due to Jordan’s investment in buying a sizeable stake in the Charlotte Hornets. While the team hasn’t exactly had the same success on the court as Jordan, the ownership is still worth millions for the former All Star.

Net worth: $47.8 billion
Family Business:
Los Angeles Clippers
Industry: Sports
Prominent Member: Steve Ballmer

The Ballmer family owes its incredible fortune primarily to current patriarch Steve Ballmer, who currently owns a majority share of the LA Clippers NBA team. Prior to this, the entrepreneur was actually the CEO of software giant Microsoft. He was among the first dozen employees the company ever hired during the early 2000s.

After retiring from Microsoft, Ballmer successfully bought the Los Angeles Clippers for a rumored $2 billion. If true, this would be the second highest amount of money ever paid for a pro sports team in American history. The team’s roller coaster success has made Ballmer’s family billionaires multiple times over.

Net worth: $50 million
Family Business:
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Nick Cannon

Award-winning rapper, actor and producer Nick Cannon is not only one of the country’s youngest elites – but also among the richest. He owes much of his wealth to his best-selling music. His earliest effort was through a rap group called Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad.

Cannon’s popularity soon exploded thanks to hit singles like “Nick’s Story,” “Can I Live?” and “Teach Me How to Dougie.” Cannon eventually started his own rap label, and then, a small record company.

Cannon famously married iconic pop star Mariah Carey, with whom he had three children. The couple eventually divorced, but were one of the biggest power couples of their time. Cannon currently chairs TeenNick for the Nickelodeon TV network, and has an exclusive deal with NBC.

Net Worth: $19.8B
Family Business: News Corp.
Industry: Media
Prominent Member: Rupert Murdoch  

The Murdoch family is one of media’s biggest titans. Rupert Murdoch himself was born in Australia, but he became an American citizen in 1985. The family has been in the media business before Rupert, but Rupert is the one who can be credited with the expansion of the business.

Murdoch created News Corporation after his father, a reporter, died. Murdoch declined to join or carry on his father’s business, preferring to take his own path.

News Corp. started building an empire in Australia and New Zealand, producing print and television news. Murdoch expanded the business into the UK, Asia, and America. In America, Murdoch bought Fox, Harper Collins, and the Wall Street Journal. The Murdoch Family Trust now owns Fox.

Net Worth: $300M
Family Business: Plan B Productions
Industry: Film & TV
Prominent Member: Brad Pitt

The family of Brad Pitt definitely has it made. Originally the son of a trucker, good looking stud Brad Pitt moved to Los Angeles eventually carved out himself a kingdom in the middle of Hollywood during the 1990s.

He first took off as an actor, then transitioned to producing his own films (he won an Oscar for producing 2014’s Best Picture, 12 Years a Slave). Pitt has since used his tremendous wealth to buy real estate, vineyards, and launch his own line of wine and olive oil.

Pitt shares custody of his six children with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. This includes four adopted children and a pair of twins. They have quite a trust fund waiting for them, no?

Net Worth: $400M
Family Business: Acting Career
Industry: Film
Prominent Member: Jack Nicholson

Arguably one of the greatest actors of all time, three time Oscar winner (and twelve time nominee) Jack Nicholson commands quite an incredible fortune. His many lucrative film projects aside, Nicholson capitalized early on through many investments. Some were smart; others were totally bizarre.

For example, he once purchased Marlon Brandon’s former Hollywood home for over $6 million – only to burn it to the ground shortly thereafter. Nicholson said it was in order to honor his late friend, whose home had since become infected with asbestos.

Nicholson’s five children stand to inherit quite a fortune – over $400 million, most believe. Much of it comes from percentages Nicholson makes from Batman spin-offs and merchandise from the 1989 film.

Net Worth: $3.9B
Family Business: 2929 Entertainment, the Dallas Mavericks
Industry: Film Production, Sports
Prominent Member: Mark Cuban

There are few names in Hollywood bigger than Mark Cuban. The entertainment mogul owns everything from film companies to an NBA team. His working class family roots makes his fantastic business success even more admirable.

Early ventures in software and systems gave Cuban a taste for success. But he soon took his talents to Hollywood where he founded a film company, 2929 Entertainment. One of the company’s first projects was the George Clooney film Good Night, and Good Luck. The film was an indie success and received six Oscar nominations.

Further film projects, documentaries, and a majority purchase of the Dallas Mavericks transformed Cuban’s wealth beyond belief. He frequently offers words of investment wisdom on the television series Shark Tank.

Net Worth: $17.1B

Net Worth: $2B
Family Business: Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Industry: Media, Cosmetics
Prominent Member: Kylie Jenner

With the recent announcement of Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status, a list of the richest American families would be sorely missing a shout-out to the Kardashians. The Armenian-American family is best known for their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The show is one of the longest-running reality series in television. It documents the day-to-day life and many dramas of the Kardashian-Jenner household. The Kardashian-Jenner clan has side businesses in the cosmetic and fashion industries. They are also product promoters, making money from advertising products on their social media accounts, which have millions and millions of followers.

Taken together, the net worth of the family is at least two billion dollars. Kylie Jenner alone, at age 21, is one of the youngest billionaires in America thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics company.

Net Worth: $160M
Family Business: Jolie Pas
Industry: Film & TV
Prominent Member: Angelina Jolie

The story of the Jolie family is a complex one. While of course we can all figure out why superstar Angelina Jolie is personally wealthy – her family’s lineage also has roots to great fortune. After all, she is the offspring of Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight.

Jolie burst into the annals of Hollywood royalty not only as a famous daughter, but as an acclaimed performer in her own right. For anyone questioning her talent, rewatch her Oscar-winning performance in Girl, Interrupted. It holds up.

Jolie has since transitioned to directing and producing her own films. This gives her an even bigger slice of the box office pie on top of her huge salaries and many sponsorship deals.

Net Worth: $24.5B
Family Business: Hearst Corporation
Industry: Publishing
Prominent Member: Patty Hearst

The Hearst family traces its wealth back to its patriarch, publishing kingpin William Randolph Hearst. Hearst was the son of a wealth miner in San Francisco. He used his father’s money to purchase The San Francisco Examiner at age 24.

He soon expanded it into a massive newspaper, radio, and TV empire. Hearst was reportedly the inspiration for the titular character in Orson Welles’ classic Citizen Kane. Hearst’s son, William II, went on to become a Pulitzer-winning journalist.

William II’s son now controls the media empire, currently known as the Hearst Corporation. The family’s deep roots and influence throughout American wealth, PR and publishing is unmatched.

Net Worth: $3.9B
Family Business: 2929 Entertainment, the Dallas Mavericks
Industry: Film Production, Sports
Prominent Member: Mark Cuban

There are few names in Hollywood bigger than Mark Cuban. The entertainment mogul owns everything from film companies to an NBA team. His working class family roots makes his fantastic business success even more admirable.

Early ventures in software and systems gave Cuban a taste for success. But he soon took his talents to Hollywood where he founded a film company, 2929 Entertainment. One of the company’s first projects was the George Clooney film Good Night, and Good Luck. The film was an indie success and received six Oscar nominations.

Further film projects, documentaries, and a majority purchase of the Dallas Mavericks transformed Cuban’s wealth beyond belief. He frequently offers words of investment wisdom on the television series Shark Tank.

Net Worth: $17.1B
Family Business: Campbell’s Soup
Industry: Food
Prominent Member: John Dorrance, Jr.

We know it sounds crazy, but the Dorrance family literally invented soup. Way back in 1897, John Dorrance invented a formula for condensing soup that would soon make him an industry legend. If you’ve ever been sick at home and warmed up a can of Campbell’s, then Dorrance is the family to thank: today, they own Campbell’s Soup.

The business has passed through the family for generations, with eleven Dorrances currently controlling Campbell’s day-to-day affairs. Prego, Pepperidge Farms and V8 are also subsidiaries of Campbell’s.

Dorrance’s grandchildren and great-grandson are the major board members now. His granddaughter, Charlotte, retired in 2014. Another grandchild, Ippy, renounced his American citizenship to become a citizen of Ireland. He sold his shares in the company (around ten percent) and left Campbell’s. Guess he’s more of a sandwich guy than a soup guy.

Net Worth: $26B
Family Business: Enterprise Products Partner
Industry: Oil and Gas
Prominent Member: Randa Williams

The Duncan family embodies the very essence of the American Dream. Dan Duncan was raised by his grandmother from the age of seven after both his mother and brother died. At the time, they lived in abject poverty in rural Texas.

Dan decided to try his luck in the oil fields. He managed to hit it big by striking oil, and quickly founded Enterprise Products Partners. The company surged during America’s formative oil years. Oil and gas pipelines remain the main source of the family’s wealth today.

The company pulls in billions each year. Dan Duncan passed away in 2010 at age 77. He left his $10 billion estate to his children, Randa, Milane, Dannine, and Scott. Since 2010, the family’s wealth has doubled. A rise in stock prices for oil and some wisely-timed payouts have helped the wealth rise significantly.  

Net Worth: $12B
Family Business: Koch Industries
Industry: Investing
Prominent Member: J. Howard II

The Marshall family is another prime example of wealthy American lineage forged from oil. Howard Marshall II was the founding patriarch of this empire. He owned shares in the Great Northern Oil Company, but then traded them for what would become a 15% stake in Koch Industries, one of America’s most profitable investment companies.

Howard ended up bequeathing his shares of stock to only one of his sons, J. Howard II, who became infamous for giving his family a myriad of legal headaches.

He famously marries former Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith, who was decades younger than her husband. When Smith ended up inheriting most of his empire, the other Marshalls sued her in an effort to reclaim that capital.

Net Worth: $5B
Family Business: Getty Oil
Industry: Oil
Prominent Member: August Getty

The Getty family claimed most of their wealth in the twentieth century through the petroleum industry. The patriarchs are George Franklin and his son, Jean Paul. The family originally came to America from Ireland, and they are of Scottish and Irish ancestry.

Their roots can actually be traced back to Cullavmor, which would later become County Londonderry in Ireland. George Franklin was a lawyer-turned-oilman. After hitting it big in the industry, he passed along the company’s proceeds to his sons, instructing him to invest in oil and gas.

This is exactly what they did, and it paid off big time. In 1916, the duo incorporated Getty Oil. This might oil empire continues to pass through the family, gathering net worth with each new generation.

Net Worth: $35B
Family Business: Stryker Corp.
Industry: Medical
Prominent Member: John Brown

The Stryker family has been around since 1941, and have dominated America’s medtech (medical technology) sector for nearly half a century. Homer Stryker, an inventor, invented new types of medical equipment, the most well-known of which was the mobile hospital bed.

Homer’s son Lee took over the company Homer founded, but he died shortly after in a plane crash. Lee had three children, Patricia, Jon, and Ronda. The children took over the business from their father after he died.

The Strykers are well-known for their support of Democratic and socially liberal causes. The family also founded the Arcus Foundation, which helps promote LGBTQ rights and the Bohemian Foundation, which is dedicated to arts and culture.

Net Worth: $3.1B
Family Business: Max Factor & Company
Industry: Financial
Prominent Member: Jonathan Glaser

The Glaser-Kochavi family is Israeli-American, with roots in both Israel and the U.S. Their enormous wealth originally starts with Max Factor, Sr. Factor developed Max Factor & Company, a huge cosmetics empire.

Factor himself was a brilliant inventor who was responsible for the development of the American cosmetics industry. He personally did the hair and makeup of a number of famous starlets in his day.

He was of Polish and Jewish descent. His father was a millworker, and Factor’s first job was as a dental assistant. He then moved to Moscow and worked with a wig and hair technician. After traveling to St. Louis, Missouri, he sold rouge and cream at the World’s Fair. His products took off, and his business empire began to grow.

Net Worth: $5.4B
Family Business: Contran Corporation
Industry: Financial
Prominent Member: Dee Simmons  

The Simmons family was able to make its wealth through what essentially was corporate raiding. The family has new wealth, starting with Harold Simmons, Sr. Harold worked at a drug store and as a bank examiner before forming his own capital company.

The company started doing corporate takeovers, with one publication callings Simmons a “feared raider.” When a corporation would go under, Harold would buy it out. He would strip the company, turn it around, and then take the money that he earned and repeat the process.

He tended to go after smaller companies, which were better targets than attempting to take over a huge conglomerate. Simmons was also a philanthropist. He donated $200 million to the University of Texas’ Southwest Medical Center.

Net Worth: $18.5B
Family Business: Advance Publications
Industry: Publishing
Prominent Member: Donald Newhouse

The Newhouse family is one of America’s oldest and most powerful publishing and media families. Sam Newhouse originally founded the family business, Advance Publications. He passed away in 1979, leaving his sons, Si and Donald, to inherit the empire.

The two brothers have since made quite a splash in the world of global media, and are frequently cited as the leading moguls of the biz. Advance Publications now is one of the biggest magazine businesses on the globe. The company owns Conde Nast Publications, which publishes heavy-hitters like Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

All in all, the company publishes print newspapers in 25 of America’s biggest cities. As if this weren’t enough, the Newhouses are also the investors behind Reddit, and they own a huge stake in Discovery Communications.

Net Worth: $89.7B
Family Business: Mars Inc.
Industry: Candy
Prominent Member: Jacqueline Mars

Almost a century ago, Franklin Clarence Mars invented something that would change the course of America: the Milky Way chocolate bar. The success of the Milky Way – followed by Skittles, Snickers, Twix, Big Red gum and M&M’s candies – would cement the record-shattering wealth of the Mars family and the candy-making company that shares their name.

Today, Mars Incorporated also makes pet care products, drinks, symbioscience, and life science. Franklin Clarence Mars started the company back in 1911, over a decade before hitting it big with the Milky Way. He learned how to hand-dip candy from his mother.

The business was originally called The Mars Candy Factory. At the time, the company sold wholesale candy, but this proved to be unsustainable. Mars started over from scratch in Minnesota, eventually growing it into the king of candy.

Net Worth: $1.5B
Family Business: AIG
Industry: Finances
Prominent Member: Robert Greenberg

The Greenberg family has its origins in New York City. Maurice “Mark” Greenberg was the CEO of AIG. AIG, which stands for American International Group, is an insurance and finance company in America. It is one of the largest companies in the world, and it is publicly traded.

Mark Greenberg was born in NYC, and he was a war veteran. He was a captain in the Army in WWII. He is a Bronze Star recipient.

Greenberg had an interesting AIG career. He was appointed to a top leadership position there. He retired in 2005, and he appeared in 2008 on Good Morning America to criticize AIG’s directors. Despite his retirement, he and his family have remained wealthy through his investments.

Net Worth: $1.9B
Family Business: The Trinchero Family Estates
Industry: Wine
Prominent Member: Roger Trinchero  

The Trinchero family, much like the Gallo family, is a wine empire. Trinchero Family Estates is America’s fourth-largest producer of wine and wine products. Trinchero Family Estates has a massive portfolio that encompasses more than fifty well-known brands of wine.

The Trinchero Family Estates is relatively new, having been started in 1947. In 1947, two brothers, John and Mario Trinchero, purchased the Sutter Home Winery. The Sutter Home Winery is located in St. Helena, California. The Sutter Home Winery stayed in the family, with Mario’s son working as the lead winemaker after John’s retirement.

Bob Trinchero, Mario’s son, developed White Zinfandel, and that became a very successful brand. The company expanded to include Menage a Trois, Napa Valley, Napa Cellars, and more.

Net Worth: $28.5B
Family Business: Fidelity
Industry: Financial
Prominent Member: Abigail Johnson

The Johnson family (no relation to S.C. Johnson, also on our list) founded Fidelity Investments, an investing firm that has grown to be one of the U.S.’s largest investment empires. Edward C. Johnson II founded the company, and it passed on to his son, Edward Johnson III (nicknamed “Ned”).

Ned then passed the company to his daughter Abigail, though he still remains the chairman emeritus of Fidelity. Abigail is the official chairwoman, serving as both CEO and president. Since Abigail took over, Fidelity has become a massive international empire. It employs 45,000 people across the world.

Abigail Johnson’s personal wealth is extraordinary, reaching $16.5 billion alone (and nearly $30 billion for the whole family). She is one of the world’s richest women currently, recently ranked by Forbes as the world’s fifth “Most Powerful Woman.”

Net Worth: $3.3B
Family Business: WWE
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Vince McMahon

The McMahon family is one of the first families of wrestling. McMahon’s father started the WWE, a wrestling and entertainment conglomerate. McMahon took over the business after him and now is the chairman and CEO.

He also founded Alpha Entertainment, which is the parent company of several other athletic businesses such as XFL Football. McMahon himself was a WWE athlete. He was also an announcer after he retired from his stage persona, Mr. McMahon. He comes from a long line of promoters.

His grandfather was a wrestling promoter as well, in addition to his father, the WWE founder. Vince’s wife, Linda, is the former CEO of the WWE and its current administrator for the SBA. The two have two children and six grandchildren.

Net worth: $59.9B
Family business: Oracle Corporation
Industry: Tech
Prominent member: Megan Ellison

Larry Ellison, co-founder of the tech empire Oracle Corporation, is among the top ten richest men in the world. He created the company from scratch with an investment of roughly $2,000 (half of which was his own money). Within a decade, it became one of the top tech pioneers in the biz.

Oracle develops cutting-edge software products and hardware. The wealth of the patriarch has filtered to his offspring. His two children, David and Megan Ellison, have both used their fortune to finance films in Hollywood.

Some of David’s recent credits include Blockbusters like Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and the upcoming sequel to Top Gun. Megan, on the other hand, has produced more indie fare like The Master, Her, Vice and Phantom Thread.

Net Worth: $151.5B
Family Business: Walmart, Inc.
Industry: Retail
Prominent Member: Jim Walton

As of today, the Walton family is hands down the single richest family in America. Bud and Sam Walton founded company you may have heard of called Walmart. Since its founding, Walmart has become America’s largest retailer, and ranks among the most profitable companies in the world.

Walmart brings in a whopping $482 billion in revenue each year. The Walton family has reaped fantastic gains through Walmart, personally pocketing over a hundred billion dollars.

Over the years, the family has managed to keep their share of the company close, owning 50.4% of Walmart. The family has dominated Forbes’ rich lists for nearly two decades now, cementing Walmart as the cornerstone of American economy.

Net Worth: $11.9B
Family Business: Hospital Corporation of America
Industry: Hospitals
Prominent Member: Thomas Frist, Jr.

Tennessee’s richest man (and one of America’s wealthiest, period) is Thomas Frist, Jr. Born to a family of doctors, Thomas and his father formed the Hospital Corporation of America in the late 1960s.

The father-son business exploded past the billion-dollar mark within a few years. From there, they went on to chair massive businesses including IBM. Frist personally made the biggest buyout in American history in 2006.

Frist left his company to his son, Billy, in 2009. But by then he’d already become one of the leading shapers of the modern American healthcare system. His many brothers, sisters and children are also in the medical field as well.

Net Worth: $33.8B
Family Business: Nike
Industry: Sportswear
Prominent Member: Phil Knight

Nike founder Phil Knight is a self-made billionaire. As the story goes, his father ran a local newspaper, but refused to give a young Knight a summer job – instead saying he’d learn more from finding his own way.

Well, the hardcore parenting paid off big time. Knight quickly found his way into sports, then the U.S. Army, and finally, in Japanese shoes. These would provide the kernels that would eventually lead to his flagship sportswear company, Nike.

Knight’s son Matthew passed away in 2004 from a sudden heart defect during a scuba diving trip. The death impacted Knight deeply, eventually leading to his stepping down as Nike’s CEO. But he and his family still remain one of the richest families in America.

Net Worth: $8.3B
Family Business: Kohler Company
Industry: Plumbing Fixtures
Prominent Member: Herbert Kohler, Jr.

If you’ve ever had a faulty pipe replaced, chances are you already known Kohler Company. The mighty Wisconsin-based firm is one of the nation’s biggest makers of plumbing supplies. It is currently headed by billionaire Herbert Kohler, Jr.

Kohler inherited the family business from a long line of Kohlers. By age 33 he was running the day-to-day affairs of the company. The firm’s financial success led to vast family investments in hospitality, manufacturing and government.

Kohler Jr. is a golf lover. So much so that he even had a cameo in the 2003 film Open Range. Didn’t hurt that he’s friends with the film’s star – none other than Oscar winner Kevin Costner.

Net Worth: $7.3B
Family Business: Meijer
Industry: Supermarkets
Prominent Member: Hank Meijer

Midwesterners are all too familiar with Meijer supermarkets. Based in Michigan, this massive private company belongs to the Meijer family. It was founded by Hendrik Meijer nearly a decade ago after the immigrant arrived to the U.S. from the Netherlands.

Hendrik’s 14 year-old son would become one of his first employees. Half a century later, it would transform into one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. By the 1960s it was worth billions.

Today the company is run by Hank and Doug Meijer, who steered the firm into the twentieth century to massive success. They’ve since appointed others to run the day-to-day affairs. But this family business continues to boom for the Meijer clan.

Net Worth: $7B
Family Business: Hobby Lobby
Industry: Retail
Prominent Member: David Green

In the early 1970s, David Green used all the money in his pocket – $600 – to invest in his own business idea. Within two years this would transform into his family’s flagship empire: a massive arts and crafts chain of stores known as Hobby Lobby.

Green and his family privately own Hobby Lobby, through which they’ve invested in various religious causes all over the world. These holdings, however, have often gotten them into trouble.

Most infamously, Hobby Lobby was caught smuggling archeological items from looted digs in Iraq and Israel – and attempting to use the artifacts for a Bible museum. The company was fined $3 million and forced to return the smuggled artifacts.

Net Worth: $6.6B
Family Business: The Sobrato Organization
Industry: Real Estate
Prominent Member: John A. Sobrato

Billionaire John A. Sobrato may own one of the biggest real estate firms in the country, but he largely has his mom to thank for that. His mother was the one who took her inheritance and pioneered the real estate industry.

By the time her son was old enough, he launched his own real estate business. The resulting company, known as the Sobrato Organization, owns land, office space and residential plots from coast to coast.

Sobrato’s three children used this amazing wealth to spearhead their own investments to massive success. His son, for example, owns part of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team.

Net Worth: $7B
Family Business: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores
Industry: Retail, Gas Stations
Prominent Member: Tom Love

If you’ve ever done a cross-country road trip across America, there’s no telling how many Love’s (AKA: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store) you stopped at along the way. That’s because Love’s is one of the largest gas and convenience store chains in the country.

The company was first formed by husband and wife duo Judy and Tom Love. It originally started off as a small service station they converted themselves. Within a decade they would expand this throughout the USA.

Love’s has been buying up competitors and inking endorsement deals left and right. Most recently, they signed a deal with the NBA to place Oklahoma City Thunder logos in select stores. They currently operate in 41 states out of 50. Hey, not bad!

Net Worth: $6B
Family Business: LeFrak
Industry: Real Estate
Prominent Member: Richard LeFrak

Real estate empire LeFrak is the crowned jewel of the mighty LeFrak family. The firm was founded by the parents of current CEO Richard LeFrak. The company is credited with basically reconstructing Jersey City.

In the last 30 years, LeFrak has expanded across the country. Major projects in South Beach and Beverly Hills are but a few in the company’s real estate empire. Today, Richard LeFrak runs the day to day affairs as company chairman.

LeFrak’s two sons, James and Harrison, hold vice-chairman positions in the company. LeFrak remains privately owned to this day, keeping the firm’s sky-high earnings mostly in the pockets of this powerful family.

Net Worth: $5.9B
Family Business: New Balance
Industry: Footwear
Prominent Member: Jim Davis

While not as splashy or collectible as Nike, New Balance remains one of America’s favorite sports shoes. Believe it or not, the company is over a century old. It was originally called New Balance Arch Support Company.

Flash forward a few decades and today, American billionaire Jim Davis runs New Balance. It’s hard to deny that Davis’ leadership has been anything short of a total success. New Balance sales have never been higher, and David added to his wealth with an early investment in Major League Lacrosse.

Davis and New Balance have recently been criticized for donating money to ultra right wing political causes, though. The widespread revolt against New Balance shoes continues to take a big bite out of the company’s revenues.

Net Worth: $5.7B
Family Business: Cablevision
Industry: Telecom
Prominent Member: Charles Dolan

Mad Men. Game of Thrones. The Wire. If there’s one man to thank for the rise of prestige cable TV, it’s not any single writer, director or producer – but rather media mogul Charles Dolan. Dolan founded HBO in the early 70s.

He later created his flagship company, Cablevision, which would spin off into major cable channels including AMC, IFC and the Sundance Channel. Dolan no longer owns Cablevision (or HBO, for that matter). But his impact cannot be denied.

Dolan’s many children have gone on to own major sports teams including the Cleveland Indians and the New York Knicks. He also has a son who is president of a news network, and another who chairs the Madison Square Garden Company. This family’s powerful media roots run quite deep.

Net Worth: $3.3B
Family Business: Bechtel Corporation
Industry: Construction
Prominent Member: Stephen Bechtel Jr.

The Bechtel family’s fabulous wealth is largely due to the success of their massive construction company, known as the Bechtel Corporation. It was started over a hundred years ago by a cattle farmer named Warren Bechtel.

Within a few decades, Bechtel was building railroads across America. But the firm’s biggest moneymaker would be its historic project: the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.

Soon the Bechtels were building nuclear reactors, pipelines, malls and metros across the world. Current owner Stephen Bechtel Jr. is the grandson of the company’s original founder. He runs the day to day affairs of Bechtel with his son, Riley.

Net Worth: $5.8B
Family Business: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Industry: Investing
Prominent Member: Henry Kravis

Anyone in the investing world is intimately familiar with the business profile of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. The firm is one of the largest of its kind, managing massive portfolios that net over a billion dollars in revenue a year.

The firm was co-founded by Henry Kravis, who made the company with fellow alumni from the powerful Bear Sterns. One of their biggest risks was buying Nabisco in the late 1980s. At the time, it was the largest buyout in American history.

Several smart acquisitions (like Duracell) would prove to make up for losses from less-smart purchased (like Regal Cinemas). The firm has greatly expanded its overseas market, most recently buying up German media companies and even a motion picture studio.

Net Worth: $10.7B
Family Business: E & J Gallo Winery
Industry: Wine
Prominent Member: Gina Gallo

When it comes to American wine, the Gallos are “America’s First Family” in the field (pun intended). They’ve been in the business for nearly a century. The original patriarch, Giuseppe Gallo, immigrated to America from Fossano, Italy in the early 1900’s.

When he first arrived in the new country he worked menial labor jobs. He founded a winery after getting into the vintner business. After Giuseppe passed away, his winery passed to his sons Ernest and Julio.

They founded the official E. & J. Gallo Winery. They had another brother, Joseph, who made cheese – which became the massive Joseph Gallo Farms empire. All together, the family is now the largest US-based producer of wine in the country.

Net Worth: $4.9B
Family Business: Yahoo!
Industry: Internet
Prominent Member: David Filo

In the mid 1990s, at the dawn of the Internet era, computer engineer David Filo co-founded a small business that would eventually spawn an empire. Filo’s unique software code would provide the backbone for the search engine currently known as Yahoo!

Now one of the single most profitable Internet companies on Earth, Yahoo! Transformed Filo into one of Silicon Valley’s most crucial pillars. A majority sale to Verizon Communications in 2017 sent Filo’s net worth skyrocketing.

The company spun off many profitable microsites, portals and web hubs, each further cementing Yahoo’s reputation as a leading provider. It currently employees nearly 9,000 employees across the globe. That alone merits an exclamation mark (!).

Net Worth: $13.4B
Family Business: Budweiser
Industry: Beer
Prominent Member: August Busch

Over a century ago, the Busch family created Budweiser Beer, one of the most popular beer labels in the world. The first Budweiser was brewed in 1876, cooked up by Adolphus Busch.

When Prohibition hit and alcohol was banned in the United States, the company almost went under. They had to sell ice cream and soda to make it through. Now in the twentieth century, Budweiser has seen many highs and lows. The company recently underwent a hostile takeover by a group of Belgian investors.

The Busch family had sold a quarter of the business in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, but the hostile takeover forced a $52 billion buyout. The family has since started up a smaller company, William K. Busch Brewing, which operates in Texas. But all those Budweiser sales will forever make them one of America’s all-time richest families.

Net Worth: $2B
Family Business: The Penske Corporation
Industry: Auto Racing
Prominent Member: Roger Penske

If you have any knowledge at all about the world of auto racing – or even auto maintenance – then the name Penske probably rings a major bell. That’s because the company is one of the biggest transportation service corporations on Earth.

The company has been privately held by its founder, Roger Penske, since it was founded in the late 1960s. By then, Penske was already one of the US’ most recognized auto racer ever. He was Sports Illustrated’s 1961 Driver of the Year.

Penske took that knowledge of the track to the business world. And clearly, it was a win-win. The skiller motorist was in an ideal place to help design custom auto maintenance parts and services. The company nets revenue in the billion-dollar range every year.

Net Worth: $2.6B
Family Business: Yahoo!
Industry: Internet
Prominent Member: Jerry Yang

Taiwanese American electronic engineer Jerry Yang befriended a young software engineer named David Filo at Stanford. A few years later, the two put their heads together and launched a small web portal. Little did they know that they were about to strike gold.

The company soon became the enormous Internet empire known as Yahoo! Yang was tasked with running more of the business side of the company, spearheading many major buys, including a massive stake in Alibaba.

Yang left Yahoo a few years ago. But he’s since founded several successful hedge funds and other Internet-based firms. His latest venture, AME Cloud Ventures, provides investments to dozens of startups. He’s also currently on Alibaba’s board of directors.

Net Worth: $2.6B
Family Business: AutoNation, Blockbuster Video
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Wayne Huizenga

The Huizenga clan is descended from Dutch wagoners, cabinet makers and garbage collectors. They immigrated to America in the mid 1890s. Various ventures in waste management and hotels helped cement the family in American industry.

But in the contemporary era, one Huizenga (Wayne) would make a very fortuitous investment. This was an acquisition of Blockbuster Video in 1987. Within a few years, Blockbuster would transform the Huizengas into one of America’s wealthiest dynasties.

Wayne Huizenga further grew that fortune by founding a successful auto part empire, AutoNation. He also owned the Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers sports teams, along with a minority stake of the Miami Dolphins NFL team. Huizenga passed away in 2018, but his family wealth continues to grow.

Net Worth: $8.5B
Family Business: Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Industry: Sports
Prominent Member: Stan Kroenke

The Kroenke family is one of the leading sports dynasties in the country. Collectively, members of this family owns several leading teams spanning nearly every professional sport – including football, basketball, lacrosse and ice hockey.

These dividends (including several ventures in media production, real estate and radio) all funder under the family’s flagship umbrella conglomerate, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

Today, Stan Kroenke and his wife Ann (who is a direct heir to the Walmart fortune) own the Denver Nuggets, the Los Angeles Rams, the Colorado Rapids, the Los Angeles Gladiators and the Colorado Avalanche – to name just a few, anyway. English football fans should also know that they have a stake in the Arsenal football club!

Net Worth: $3.7B
Family Business: Milken Institute
Industry: Trading
Prominent Member: Michael Milken

The Milkens – and more specifically, financier Michael Milken – will always be infamously wealthy. We use the word “infamous” due to Milken’s role in a massive insider trading scam which rocket Wall Street for generations to come.

Milkenm is largely seen as the architect of junk bonds. These are high-yield bonds that are poorly rated, but grouped together by financiers in order to dupe creditors and investors into buying them. The proliferation of junk bonds eventually triggered a massive domino effect of defaults in the late 1980s.

Milken eventually pled guilty to a series of charges and spent two years in prison. In recent years he’s tried to transform his public image by investing his fortune in cancer research. Milken himself survived prostate cancer.

Net Worth: $4B
Family Business: Platinum Equity
Industry: Private Equity
Prominent Member: Tom Gores

The Gores family most recently hails from the Christian city of Nazareth in modern-day Israel. They relocated to America in the 1970s, and quickly entered the buyout business. Tom Gores would eventually found the family’s flagship company, Platinum Equity.

Platinum Equity is based in the sunny streets of Beverly Hills, but its reach is global. It specialized in leveraged buyout investments. It first years reaped nearly $1 billion in revenue from dozens of precision buyouts. The company spawned several funds as a result of this success.

Today, Platinum Equity is operated by billionaire entrepreneur Tom Gores. Gores capitalized on his business success by buying the Detroit Pistons NBA team. Players and coaches consistently praise Gores for his cunning and trust as a sports owner. Gores also donated millions to helping solve the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Net Worth: $3.8B
Family Business: Broadcom Corporation
Industry: Tech
Prominent Member: Henry Samueli

Tech gurus probably recognize the billion-dollar tech brand of Broadcom Corporation. The company produced some of the most cutting edge semiconductors and electronics components in the world. The company is owned by Henry Samueli of the wealthy Samueli family.

Samueli co-founded the company while he was a professor at UCLA. Initially set up for about ten grand, the company soon rocketed to success within a few years. Broadcom went public in the late 1990s, turning it into one of the most valuable firms of its kind.

Now a billionaire, Samueli used his fortune to buy the Anaheim Ducks NHL team. One of his biggest changes to the team as owner was relocating the franchise to San Diego. His many ventures continue to grow his family’s empire with each passing year.

Net Worth: $1.4B
Family Business: Twitter
Industry: Tech
Prominent Member: Omid Kordestani

Iranian-born Omid Kordestani lucked into one of the biggest opportunities in all of tech history in the early 1990s. The electrical engineering genius started off running business development and sales at Netscape. This caught the attention of nearly every Internet company on Earth.

Google soon snatched him up, and made him their Chief Business Officer. Kordestani is credited for single handedly turning Google into a global powerhouse during the late 2000s. But his biggest venture was yet to come.

He was appointed the Executive Chairman of Twitter in 2015, where he continues to serve to this day. These many high-stakes positions in some of the biggest companies in tech made him and his family insanely wealthy.

Net Worth: $1B
Family Business: PartyGaming
Industry: Online Poker
Prominent Member: Ruth Parasol

Ever play online poker? Then there’s a good chance you probably already know PartyGaming and PartyPoker. These massive gaming empires are the source of the Parasol family’s enormous, jaw-dropping fortune.

Ruth Parasol was an engineer before she founded her first online casino in the late 1990s. At the time, it was based in the Caribbean. But after the idea took off it was rebranded as Soon the company was netting more than half a billion dollars in yearly revenue.

The family’s net worth took a hit following federal investigation and Parasol’s own divorce from her husband in 2014. But in recent years the company has ratcheted up its operations, and continues to collect hundreds of millions every year.

Net Worth: $3.1B
Family Business: Paychex
Industry: Payroll Services
Prominent Member: Tom Golisano

Young business owners are likely all too familiar with Tom Golisano’s company, Paychex. Paychex is one of the country’s leading payroll service providers to employers. To date, the company estimates that it has provided services to more than half a billion clients.

Tom Goliano founded the firm in the early 1970s with just a few thousand dollars. Within the decade, it had become a force to be reckoned with, hitting the $2 billion mark by 2010.

Goliano no longer oversees the company-s day-to-day affairs. But majority ownership of sports teams including the Buffalo Bandits and the Buffalo Sabres kept him busy for awhile. The Goliano family continues to donate millions to charitable causes every year.

Net Worth: $33.6B
Family Business: Cox Enterprises
Industry: Media
Prominent Member: James Cox Kennedy

The Cox family’s fortune dates all the way back to the year 1898. This was the date James M. Cox purchased a small, local publication called The Dayton Evening News. After purchasing the company, he slowly expanded it, eventually turning it into a massive telecom empire with holdings in television, radio, cable and broadband Internet service.

Today, this empire is known as Cox Enterprises. Cox Enterprises and Cox Media Group are the family’s two flagship businesses. They shaped America’s telecom sector, especially in the Internet age.

Recently, the family also acquired DealerTrack, which makes software for car dealerships. The family will continue to push into the automotive industry as time goes on, growing their massive wealth with each passing day.

Net Worth: $300M
Family Business: The Music of Mariah Carey
Industry: Music
Prominent Member: Mariah Carey

The family of Platinum-selling recording sensation Mariah Carey can coast for generations on the pop star’s incredible wealth. Her record sales alone make her among the best-selling artists of all time.

The Carey family also minted a small side fortune from Carey’s many world tours, music licenses and sponsorship deals. Her two children may be too young to have much use for $300 million, but that’ll change as soon as they start aching for their own car collection.

Carey’s many divorces split her net worth over the years. But with record sales north of 200 million worldwide, it’s safe to say that she’ll probably be fine.

Net Worth: $13.7B
Family Business: Solil Management
Industry: Real Estate
Prominent Member: Jane Goldman

The Goldman family’s enormous empire started from humble beginnings. In the early 1900’s. Sol Goldman was the son of a grocer in Brooklyn. He attended Brooklyn college. When the Great Depression hit, he decided to make a pivot into real estate. He made money on foreclosed properties.

He bought those properties at dirt-cheap prices from his neighbors and waited out The Depression. He purchased those properties when he was sixteen. He then partnered with Alex DiLorenzo in the 1950’s. The two became purchasers of real estate, continuing an active buy-up.

Goldman purchased over six-hundred buildings. He purchased the Chrysler building, but in the 1970’s, it foreclosed. He made money from the purchase by signing tenants to long-term leases. He got a reputation for being extremely hesitant to sell.  

Net worth: $300 million
Family Business:
Industry: Apparel
Prominent Member: Daymond John

Arguably one of the greatest American rags-to-riches stories ever, Daymond John started sewing hats with his mom in their Queens apartment. Selling them locally for $10 a pop, the mother-son duo soon outpaced the competition. Their lineup expanded to include t-shirts, which soon donned their familiar logo: FUBU.

Several loans, thousands of man hours and a few celebrity endorsements later, Daymond John’s FUBU collection exploded into one of the hottest brands ever. John himself landed a guest judge spot on season five of Shark Tank as a result of his expertise.

Net Worth: $42.3B
Family Business: Cargill, Inc.
Industry: Agribusiness
Prominent Member: Martha MacMillan

The Cargill-MacMillan family has at least fourteen billionaires in it. In addition to being one of America’s richest families, it’s also ranked as one of the wealthiest in the world. William W. Cargill originally founded the flagship family business, Cargill, in 1865.

Cargill produces grain and palm oil, and it trades in steel, transport, and energy. It also has a hand in raising livestock, feed production, and the production of ingredients for feed. Cargill is America’s largest privately-owned corporation.

The family still retains a majority of control over the company, owning 90% of the shares. Because Cargill is privately-held, it does not have to disclose its financial information. Meaning that the family might be even richer than economists have estimated.

Net Worth: $10.2B
Family Business: Apple, Inc.
Industry: Technology
Prominent Member: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was, of course, the legendary CEO of Apple, Inc. until his death in 2011. He was married to Lauren Powell at the time (the two had wed in 1991). But as we know, Jobs wasn’t merely the CEO of Apple – he was also the co-founder, and arguably the creative genius behind its success.

Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple in 1976 with a small goal: to create and sell a revolutionary personal computer. The computer, Apple I, was a modest success. But it wasn’t until the Apple II that they truly shot to fame.

From there, the company grew to the massive conglomerate it is today, making the Powell-Jobs clan extremely wealthy as a result. Sadly, Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. Usually, people with pancreatic cancer do not make it a long time. But Jobs’ cancer was a slower-acting form. He died in 2011, leaving behind a vast legacy of tech advancements.

Net Worth: $14.3B
Family Business: Du Pont Chemicals
Industry: Chemicals
Prominent Member: John E. Du Pont

The Du Ponts have a long American legacy. They’ve actually been one of the country’s richest families since at least the mid-nineteenth century. Their first source of wealth came from a successful gunpowder business that reaped the benefits of two World Wars.

With the dawn of the twentieth century, the Du Ponts soon expanded their financial growth into the chemical and automotive industries. They also have large estates that they sometimes open up to the public. This includes some of America’s most luxurious gardens, museums, and parks.

Today, the Du Pont family is also massive, with more than 3,500 family members sharing the multi-billion-dollar wealth! Many streets bear their name, as well as the famous DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. John E. Du Pont was portrayed by actor Steve Carell in the 2014 Oscar-nominated film Foxcatcher.

Net Worth: $1.3B
Family Business: Roc Nation
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Beyoncé, Jay-Z

What do you get when you combine the empire of rapper Jay-Z with that of world-renowned diva Beyoncé? Well, you get not only one of the biggest power couples in modern history – but also one of the biggest net worths in America.

The Carter family combined holds firm at about $1.3 billion total. Believe it or not, the majority of this success can be attributed to Jay-Z and his record company, Roc Nation. The label has pumped out many of the biggest and best-selling albums of the last ten years.

But the Carter’s impressive wealth continues to climb as the couple continues pumping out music, touring the world, and investing left and right. They’re especially keen real estate moguls.

Net Worth: $1.5B
Family Business: Yeezy
Industry: Music, apparel
Prominent Member: Kanye West

The jury is still a little split when it comes to Kanye West’s personal net worth. The genius rapper (yes, we said genius) has indeed sold more records than almost any other musician in history.

But it’s his turbulent business ventures – especially his streaming label, Tidal, and his apparel company, Yeezy – that often throws his finances to the wind. West invested tons of his personal cash into getting Yeezy’s unique brand of clothing off the ground.

As of last year, Yeezy was valued at over $1 billion. This is roughly the same estimate West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, says of her hubby’s net worth. That figure combined with West’s other investments and franchise sales put him at a nice solid $1.5 billion. At least until the next outburst.

Net Worth: $28.2B
Family Business: S.C. Johnson
Industry: Household Goods
Prominent Member: Herbert Johnson III

The S.C. Johnson family (no relation to the other Johnson family on our list) owns S.C. Johnson. You may not have heard of the company, but trust us: they’ve shaped your home in ways you can’t even imagine. The company is a massive maker of household goods.

S.C. Johnson originally founded the company all the way back in 1886. At the time, it dealt only in parquet flooring. But after developing a successful floor wax, the company soon entered a new stratosphere of success. Today, S.C. Johnson produces a wide array of cleaning products including Pledge and Glade.

It also produces Ziploc, America’s favorite sealable baggies. The family fortune was once imperiled after Herbert Johnson passed away without leaving a will. The remaining family members fought a fierce legal battle, eventually dividing the business 60-40 between the warring factions. Despite the family drama, the company remains privately-held to this day.

Net worth: $2.2B
Family Business:
Industry: Technology
Prominent Member: Reed Hastings

The Hastings family’s most well-known member is Reed Hastings, the entrepreneur who founded Netflix. Hastings was born in Boston, and he received his education from Bowdoin College and Stanford University. He started off in the Marines, but he decided to become a member of the Peace Corps instead.

His first tech job was at the software company Adaptive. He first created a tool that was used to remove bugs from software. He then founded Pure Software, which would later be bought out by Rational Software and lose a lot of value. Hastings left that company.

He founded Netflix first as a movie-rental site. It was successful in the late 1990s, but it didn’t become the huge giant it now is until relatively recently with the advent of Internet TV.

Net worth: $2.5B
Family Business:
Tito’s Vodka
Industry: Alcohol
Prominent Member: Bert Beveridge

The Beveridge family has managed to make a fortune through their fortuitous last name, no pun intended. Bert Beveridge, the patriarch, founded the brand Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Bert’s nickname was Tito too, which was the story behind the brand name.

The company was based in Texas and it became successful right away, selling nearly forty-five million bottles of the drink. Beveridge’s career wasn’t always in the alcohol industry—he was also in oil and gas for a while, traveling to Columbia and Venezuela. He also briefly dabbled in the mortgage trade.

He got into the alcohol business when he started making flavored vodka for his friends’ Christmas gifts. That struck him, and he decided to move forward with it.

Net worth: $3.4B
Family Business:
Industry: Nutrition
Prominent Member: Frank Vandersloot

The Vandersloot family has had a long track record of involving the family in the business. Frank Vandersloot’s brother-in-law founded Oil of Melaleuca. The company sold tea tree oil, though it didn’t have a large enough corner on the market in order to be successful at the time.

The company also ran into issues with the FDA because of accusations that they were inflating medical stats to boost their product. Frank ended up shutting the company down, later calling it “a mess” in interviews.

He later rebooted Melaleuca, this time selling nutritional supplements, homecare products, and cleaning supplies. Melaleuca based itself on a multilevel marketing system where independent contractors sold most of their products.

Net worth: $2.8B
Family Business: Samumed
Industry: Biotech
Prominent Member: Osman Kibar

The Kibar family, currently led by Osman Kibar, has a long history in biotech. Kibar founded Samumed, a biotech firm (he is the acting CEO as well). Samumed is mainly focused on anti-aging drugs. The firm’s success has placed its value at a nice comfy $12.4 billion.

Kibar was able to raise $438 million in the late summer of 2018. There were no disclosures for the investors’ names. Kibar also founded two other companies, but he didn’t serve in a management position in either company.

Kibar was educated at the University of California, where he received a Ph.D. Samumed was originally owned by the drug giant Pfizer, but now it is independent after the two had a falling-out.

Net worth: $3B
Family Business:
AriZona Beverages
Industry: Beverage
Prominent Member: Don Vultaggio

Don Vultaggio is a colorful character and a billionaire to boot. He co-founded Arizona Beverages, which are known for their colorful “tallboy” cans of delicious iced tea, green tea, fruit punch, and other drinks. Arizona is especially known for its “Arnold Palmer” mix of lemonade and iced tea.

Vultaggio’s first job was selling soda and beer from the back of a van. He sold it in Brooklyn, in some of the seediest streets. He made a profit because no one else would sell there in the 1970s.

He started Arizona in 1992 in Brooklyn. His can design (taller, more colorful) was a hit, and he managed to quickly outpace the competition. Arizona sells three billion cans per year, with the green tea and Arnold Palmer drinks selling the best.

Net worth: $3B
Family Business:
Trident Seafoods
Industry: Seafood
Prominent Member: Chuck Bundrant

The Bundrant family runs Trident Seafoods. Trident Seafoods is North America’s largest vertically-integrated fish company. It both harvests and processes the frozen and fresh seafood, and it also controls its own marketing.

Trident managed to make a lot of money selling to larger chains like Costco, Safeway, Long John Silver’s, and other fast food restaurants. Trident sold pollock to the fast food establishments, turning it from a “trash fish” into something edible.

The company expanded globally, forming operations in Japan, China, and Germany. It also expanded into boating, with the Bundrant family partnering with fishermen in the 1970s to build boats that had crab cookers on them, as well as freezing equipment to keep the fish fresh and less at risk of spoilage.

Net worth: $3B
Family Business:
AQR Capital Management
Industry: Financial
Prominent Member: Clifford Asness

The Asness family, headed by billionaire Cliff Asness, is a financier family with a lot of background in the capital and venture organization. Cliff Asness was born in New York City, and he attended the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He entered the Ph.D. program at Chicago, and he was the assistant famous market theorist Eugene Fama. Asness went against Fama in his dissertation, writing a famous paper disputing the nature of profit-making in business. After he finished his Ph.D., he was given a job at Goldman Sachs.

He founded his capital management company and became an activist. He often speaks out against high fees for hedge fund management, as well as what he calls “crony capitalism.”

Net worth: $5.6B
Family Business:
Outcome Health
Industry: Medical Technology
Prominent Member: Rishi Shah

The Shah family is led by their youngest son, Rishi Shah. Shah dropped out of college to start his own business, which is known today as Outcome Health. The company is a leader in healthcare media. Rishi currently serves as CEO.

Outcome Health is in charge of integrating new technology into waiting rooms. They put tablets and touchscreens in doctors’ offices and their waiting rooms. The company makes its money through advertising on the touchscreens, which also collect health information about patients to help keep them healthy.

Shah’s father was a doctor, and he dropped out to start a different company. This endeavor ended up merging with another shingle, thus becoming Outcome Health. The company is valued currently at $5.6 billion.

Net worth: $4B
Family Business:
Ashkenazy Acquisitions
Industry: Real Estate
Prominent Member: Ben Ashkenazy

The Ashkenazy family makes its money through real estate. Its patriarch, Ben Ashkenazy, got his start in real estate when he was just seventeen years old. As a teenager, his original dream was to buy a place in the Bronx where he could open up a fast food restaurant.

He felt that the place he found was way below market value, and he decided he wanted to lease instead. During that process, he felt inspired to start his own real estate venture, Ashkenazy Acquisitions. The company immediately took off.

Ashkenazy Acquisitions has a portfolio that is worth around twelve billion dollars. It contains real estate transactions domestically and globally, and the real estate ventures range from residential to commercial to government-owned. Recently, Ashkenazy bought a famous hotel in London.

Net Worth: $3.9B
Family Business: 2929 Entertainment, the Dallas Mavericks
Industry: Film Production, Sports
Prominent Member: Mark Cuban

There are few names in Hollywood bigger than Mark Cuban. The entertainment mogul owns everything from film companies to an NBA team. His working class family roots makes his fantastic business success even more admirable.

Early ventures in software and systems gave Cuban a taste for success. But he soon took his talents to Hollywood where he founded a film company, 2929 Entertainment. One of the company’s first projects was the George Clooney film Good Night, and Good Luck. The film was an indie success and received six Oscar nominations.

Further film projects, documentaries, and a majority purchase of the Dallas Mavericks transformed Cuban’s wealth beyond belief. He frequently offers words of investment wisdom on the television series Shark Tank.

Net Worth: $2B (estimated)
Family Business: The Michael Jackson Estate
Industry: Entertainment
Prominent Member: Michael Jackson

Though the King of Pop himself passed away some years ago, Michael Jackson’s family continues to become richer and richer with each passing day. That’s because Jackson’s sudden death in 2009 (later ruled to be a homicide, kinda) drove fans to buy up his records even quicker than ever before!

Today, Jackson’s estate funnels millions to members of his extended family, as well as his children. Neverland Ranch itself remains one of the most expensive slices of real estate in America.

Jackson faced extreme controversy during his life, one which continues to follow him long past his death. But few can deny the singer’s influence on pop, and the fact that he remains one of the single most profitable musicians in all of history.