Technological advances have brought about a completely new era, so much so that between the artificial intelligence and excellent animation we can expect virtually anything.  However, there is one thing that has not changed - photography is the key means to capturing a moment and making it last forever. Sometimes, the camera can catch something that is not visible to the human eye. If somebody has taken a photo of you while you were speaking, then you'd probably have a photograph which immortalized a face you could swear you would never make in a million years.

Well, this is because cameras have the ability to catch what happens in between split seconds. On one hand, these photographs may be used to encapsulate the foregone reality and make it last in the metaphorical sense, but on the other photographs could easily be a result of manipulation. Everybody has heard of Photoshop, haven't they? It is this program that enabled many people to create the most interesting photographs out of dull ones. We rounded up an impressive 109 photographs, extraordinary ones at that, but which were never ordinary. By this, we mean that there was no place for Photoshop here. Just take a look at these heavenly sights, no Photoshop was involved. We give you our word!

Yao Ming

Not only is he an EXTREMELY tall person, but an extremely good basketball player as well. Yao Ming played for the CBA as a member of the Shanghai Sharks team and in the NBA on the Houston Rockets! Nowadays, this 7'6'' ex-basketball player spends his days as a Chinese basketball executive.

When he was an active player, he was the tallest NBA player in his final season. This wasn't the only record he broke; he was also the only player that led the NBA in All-Star votes that weren't from the US.

Giant Rubber Duck

Once upon a time, an artist decided to make a giant rubber duck and let it float down the river. And, we just want to say that this is amazing! I can't imagine how much more exciting my childhood would have been if this was created then. Now that the joke part is over, this rubber ducky was let loose in the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong in order to promote the Rubber Duck Tour Exhibition of 2013.

The genius artist who made his piece is a Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. His idea was to create giant inflatable art that would strike people as calming and meditative because of the security one would get from their bath buddies. Amazing, isn't it?

Welcome To Dubai

Dubai is known for setting an exemplary example of development. This is especially true when it comes to growth. Nowadays, this is what you would see if you looked down upon Dubai from the sky - almost 22 skyscrapers that reach the clouds. If you thought that was impressive, then you'd be even more impressed by the fact that some of these buildings exceed the 75 story mark!

Not only have the buildings grown, but the city grew in almost all its aspects. Dubai is not only the most populous city, but it is also a business hotspot, a global city, and a key transport hub both for cargo and for passengers. What brings it the most income? Well, oil of course.

Well, That's What I Call Unison

If you can't pull off a gracious pirouette, then you are not even allowed to be around this fantastic crew. Just see how synchronized they are. Now, ballet as we know it today - a concert dance - was a result of Russian and French influence on a classical dance form that emerged in Italy in the 15th century.

So strong was the French influence that ballet even adopted some French vocabulary. Nowadays, you can get ballet classes virtually anywhere in the world.

Is It\u2026.?

No, this is not the original cast of Game of Thrones. These guys are stunt doubles. Doesn't it send shivers through your spine knowing that there is someone who looks so much like them? But, at one point you realize that Emilia Clark isn't riding those dragons on the shows all the time.

Given that Game of Thrones is HBO's biggest and most successful project, it comes as no surprise that there were a lot of scenes that required stunt doubles as some scenes required abilities that the main cast just couldn't pull off.

Still Instagram Worthy

This pool decided to defy the heavy rain and remain Instagram worthy. You might be thinking that this is pretty impossible, right? Well, allow us to explain. Due to heavy rains the water levels rose and caused floods. Even though the water levels were quite high, no water came into the pool.

Why, then, you may be thinking, didn't any of the flood water fuse with the clean water in the pool? See, there was no wind, so the water remained clean at the moment when this photograph was taken. Also, chlorine helped. What a lucky streak for the pool!

Home From The Future

While this home may look like it's been photoshopped in order for the 4D effects to be achieved, there was no Photoshop involved. Just a normal camera and some play with the lighting and positioning of the mirrors and voila! What is happening is that the light is being projected back to our eyes and this produces the effect.

Doesn't it look like it came here from the future? In any case it is definitely one of its kind. As a bonus, you would always have a mirror in front of your house.

Most Realistic Cosplay

Cosplay is known as one of those hobbies that take not only a lot of creativity and effort but a lot of money as well. Be that as it may, while indulging in cosplay, you could make new friends and have a lot of fun on the way. Not to mention the fact that if you are insanely good, you just might get famous.

This was the case with the man in our photograph. He cosplayed a pixelated game character Samus from Metroid.

Unfortunately, No Photoshop Was Involved

Most of us wouldn't be even able to imagine a giant sinkhole in the middle of the street. Unfortunately, no matter how much we hoped that it isn't real this sinkhole is very real. It a result of an Agatha torrential in Guatemala - a storm that opened the hurricane season of 2010.

Not only did it affect Southern Mexico but Central America as well causing severe floods and landslides. Now, a sinkhole is a term that is coined by people and represents a swallow hole that is a result of a collapse of a surface layer. Commonly, these collapses happen because of the outside effects such as a chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks.

Well, That's Interesting

The planet is packed with all sorts of different people who possess a large variety of beliefs and personalities. In the whole world there are no two people who are exactly the same and that is not a bad thing at all. It is what makes our lives interesting.

While it is true that our interests vary greatly, something bothers us - why exactly would someone put a watermelon on their head during a game of baseball? It is an interesting choice to say the least.

Talk About Timing

No, he is not Jesus. And, no, he is not a magician. And, no he is not walking on water. Simply, this photograph was taken just in the right time and because of its uniqueness, it became viral on the internet. But, this just may be the best of photographs of its kind! I mean, just look at the kid! He looks as if he is just there doing what he does every day.

The photograph even makes him look like he is just dipping his toes in the water to see if the water is too cold. Photographer, whoever you are, I could use some photographs like this for a collection of my own, thank you very much.

The Waterfall Rainbow

There is quite a good number of perfectly timed images on the web. However, this one takes the medal. The person who took the photograph caught the precise moment when the light refracted through the waterfall at Yosemite national park. It is the only one of its kind that is circling the internet.

This majestic occurrence is called the waterfall rainbow, and while it is commonly present on the pictures of Yosemite, there is no picture that encapsulates the moment quite like this one.

Meanwhile In Stockholm

This photograph displays Sergels Torg or Sergel's square that is located in the very central public square in Stockholm. This Swedish square got its name after a sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel. He was the one who built the workshop at the northern part of Sergels Torg.

If you take a closer look at the photograph you would see a triangular hole. Don't worry it is all a part of a masterfully elaborate optical illusion that was produced by no other instrument than paint and a few shading techniques!

Namib Desert

Namib Desert's name derives form a Khoekhoe language. In that language, Namib means "a vast place." You shouldn't mistake it for Namibia, however, as this is a desert that is more than 2000 kilometers long. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Namibia, Angola and South Africa.

This desert has no human settlers. Only a few indigenous groups live there and those are - Obatjimba and Ovahimba Herero in the northern part of Namib, and Topnaar Nama that is in the central part of the desert.

No, That Is Not Water

While this illusion may have some resemblance to a tsunami, it is just thick fog. Weather conditions were such that the fog was able to flow from Mexico over these skyscrapers and the coastline of Panama City Beach in Florida. Air rose above these 20+ story buildings and became colder as it went up, and the result were these amazing clouds that look like waves.

Of course, the image went viral immediately after it was posted by its author - J.R Hott. It inspired many comments and discussion, and it was shared and liked thousands of times.

Fetus In A Woman's Uterus, 1965

This photo, taken by Lennart Nilsson, was published in Time magazine along with many more of his amazing portraits. This photograph is what brought about the debate of when a fetus can be thought to be alive, and whether woman are the ones who should be in control of their body in the context of before and after birth.

It was taken in 1965 when no one could even imagine a photograph being taken of the human body insides, let alone of a fetus that is inside a woman's uterus. It not only gave rise to the popularity of Nilsson's name, but it also sparked off a political, philosophical and religious discussion on aspects of human birth.

Where Is My Gold

Now, this is just a perfect little rainbow with a perfect beginning and a perfect end. But, wait\u2026 Where is the pot of gold?

Remember that little Irish folk tale about the little, bearded leprechaun that leaves a pot of gold at the end of rainbows? Well, where is it? We want our three wishes if we catch them!

Headless Gymnast?<\h1>

This photograph displays Zhou Xiaojing performing her \u2018clubs.' She's a professional rhythmic gymnast. Xiaojing appears headless as she bent her head during her routine at the Asian Games for the women's rhythmic gymnastics individual all-round finals in Bangkok.

Even though her performances were amazing she never won any medals. But, at least this photograph made her famous and viral, and will persist to do so in the future. Being a flexible girl meme isn't all that bad, now is it?


If you thought this was snow in the picture, you are not the only one to be tricked. This is salt. The art piece comes from Motoi Yamamoto, a contemporary Japanese artist. Yamamoto works with salt and creates contemporary, large-scale and intricate pieces.

The idea of creating such art and using salt as the instrument came to him while he was mourning his sister's death. His most popular pieces are shattered planets, oceans, typhoons, fractured staircases, vast plains of coils and mountain ranges.

Look Out, There Is A Boat Hanging Off The Cliff

Well, now that we got your attention. This is not a real ship. It is a hotel Sun Cruise Resort &amp; Yacht in Jeongdongjin, South Korea. This east coast peace was made for the purpose of marketing, aesthetics, and betterment of tourism. The hotel-boat is 165 meters long and 148 meters tall. It overlooks the beach resort.

The model after which it was based is the Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Cass and it is the very first hotel of its kind in the world.

Another One For The Perfect Timing Album

Science has progressed very much over the past course of years. And while it seems as if they could produce this king of a living being it is still not possible. This is just another instance of what perfect timing can do. This is how we are able to have a two-headed rhino.

This aside, it serves as a perfect reminder that there are still out there and need protection. These species are in decline as the poachers hunt them down in order to lay their hands on ivory.

The Ancient View

This photograph immortalized a captivating view from the top of the famous Giza Pyramids. You just might as well take a mental picture of it as you will not be able to see it in person. Giza pyramids are the oldest and biggest pyramids in the town of El Giza in Egypt.

The pyramids remained intact for a long period of years. They are said to be royal tombs, and they remained to be the tallest man-made buildings doe more than 3800 years.

This One Isn't A Tsunami Either

This is a picture of a dust storm on top of the Australian ocean. Dust storms occur in semi-arid to arid regions when the strong wind lifts up dirt and sand from dry surfaces. After that, these enter the process of suspension and saltation that relocates them from one place to the other.

They are most commonly called sandstorms or desert dust storms as there is more sand than actual soil.

Pouches In The Sky

These pouches that can be seen in the picture are known as mammatus or ammatocumulus. They actually hang just underneath the center of a cloud. Its name is based on a mammary gland because it resembles this gland's shape. They are usually under cumulonimbus rainclouds.

But, there have been a few studies that report that they can form underneath other clouds as well. One thing is indisputable, however, and that is that they are associated with thunderstorms and tornadoes in the US. And if that was not enough, pilots are advised to steer clear form them as they could cause heavy turbulence. Not so cute now, are they?

Angora Rabbit

In the picture, we can see an Angora rabbit breeder and her beautiful ball of fluff! Yes, ladies and gents, that is an ultra-fluffy rabbit. This woman managed to reproduce one just like this one in the photo. And for those who don't know what and Angora rabbit is, it is a very popular rabbit species. I was very popular in the 18th century France among the French aristocracy.

The reason why they are and were so adored is because of their long, soft wool that can be used for the production of hats, scarves, sweaters, and mittens. With its 14-16 microns in diameter, it resembles silk that has 14!

Ghostly Creatures

No these are not ghosts, nor are they spirits. But it's not Photoshop as well. This right here is the art of Clement Brend. The French artist uses a 3D light projector and casts images that he'd like people to see on static objects. Could you imagine how scared people were at first? But art is very specific.

Just like there are no completely same persons, there are no completely the same artists. We all express art in different ways in order to produce an external expression of our internal individuality. Sometimes, like in this case, the outcome is simply breathtaking.

It Is Not An Optical Illusion

This complex is the largest building in Southeast Asia. This Bangkok skyscraper occupies an area of 3.2sq m in the Bang Rak business district. Ever since it was built in 2001, it has been seen as the most important building in Southeast Asia. The Tower has 68 floors and is reportedly 810 feet tall.

It acquired its title of the tallest building In Bangkok in 2011 and is in 139th place in the world according to its height. The architect who is responsible for this glorious building is Rangsan Torsuwan.

Wait, That's Plywood?

A machine that uses sanding techniques was designed in order to leave wood marks on plywood. The designer of this contraption never declared why he designed such a machine.

But we can tell you this much - the price of wood actually depends on its markings. Sometimes what determines the high price of a wooden price are exactly these patterns.

It Is Not Fake, Guys

What you can see in this photograph is a Gippsland Earthworm. These earthworms can grow to be 3.3 feet long and 2cm wide. What is more, they can be even longer if they expand their bodies! And, don't worry they are not venomous.

Even though it definitely looks scary, this huge guy, which usually has a dark purple head and a bluish-gray body, has only 200 grams and can't cause you any harm.

The Most Perfect Timing

Immersing oneself in nature and activities that are outdoors and far away from our buildings and houses feeds our body and our soul. If you are not a little bit on the spiritual side, then there is an explanation provided by scientists - being in nature and synchronizing with it fills us up with positive emotions and alleviates stress. This photograph is from the perfectly timed photographs edition.

The artist caught the sunlight just at the moment when it was bouncing of the brown-reddish mountain.&nbsp;&nbsp; This made the amazing highlight that sets it apart from the rest of the landscape. This perfect lighting was probably encapsulated during the golden hour judging by the finer shades of the rays and the skyline.

If We Had To Pick Out A Swamp, It Would Be This One

This swamp is located in Louisiana and stands testament to the fact that one can find something beautiful in everything if he tries hard enough. The colors present in this picture are just mesmerizing.

But still, we figure no one would really like to stay here longer than a few minutes. That aside, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

That Surely Hurts

Winning something, especially a fight in boxing, can be really satisfying. However, can you even imagine what happens outside the ring, after all of the punches that boxers throw and get? This looks way too painful if you ask us. We can barely deal with the pain of a paper-cut. Anyway, if you didn't know, here are some fun facts about boxing for you!

Boxing started out somewhere between 3rd and 2nd millennia BC in the Middle East. It was further developed and regulated by the Greeks who turned it into a sport that even became a part of the Olympics! That's how boxing became a competitive sport that we know it today.

Looks Like The Printer Failed While Doing This One

Well, not quite. This little thing is actually very real. And if you don't know what it is - it is a zony. And our birthday is just around the corner\u2026and as it happens it is just what we need. Jokes aside, it turns out that zebras can be breed with any of its cousin species. The only downside is that these little things are always sterile.

This means that these guys cannot reproduce and we cannot submerge them under a common breed name of Zebroid. But, what's interesting is that usually, people prefer riding zonies to riding zebras because of their body shape!

It's Not A Vortex

This phenomenon that oddly resembles an evil force of a vortex hole is actually located in England, Derbyshire. Despite its discouraging looks, it is really a set of strategically placed dams which under the right lighting produce what looks like a supernatural hole. This right here in the picture is The Ladybower Reservoir.

Not only is it the prime source of water and hydroelectricity in this region, but millions of tourists come here just to photograph this frightening beauty.

Artificial Rainbow

Now, this is some splendid technology at work here. And who can even question its existence? I mean it was a part of the 2012 Olympic games! And if anyone has enough resources, means and reasons to make such a rainbow, it is the organizers of the Olympic games!

As for the reason why the organizers wanted to highlight the importance of sustainability through the construction that they built for the Olympic games. And, truly, what better place to do that than at the Olympics?

Perfect Waistline

No, yet again, it is not Photoshop. This is Cathie Jung and her waist is only 15 inches wide! You might be thinking how this is possible? Well, Jung changed her figure and slimmed her waist thanks to corsets. In the past, corsets were a large part of both men's and women's fashion.

They used them to alter the appearance of their physique. Corsets are&nbsp;trendy even today, even though they do not serve the same purpose. Oh, how fashion evolves!

When The World Becomes Dark And Gloomy, Be This Flower

You can't wrap your head around the fact that this photo is real? It is not even retouched! You can even check it with any photoshop-savvy person out there! Well, let us explain. What happened here is that ash covered everything present in this photo, but the flower.

According to the history books, this is not the first time that ash covered something like this - the phenomenon was recorded way back in the 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The city was covered in ash and lava and the city was preserved in such a condition. There were no alternations done to that great city.

Wait, It's Real?

Yes, this is not a painting, everyone! An artist just took a photograph of the universe. Just look at all of the stars. Can you imagine the vastness of space? It is said that every actor is as big as a planet. Can you then imagine how many stars are there, and planets; not to mention how small and insignificant our problems turn out to be when compared to such an awe-inspiring space?

Oh, and there are so many planets and stars and we live on planet Earth? Well, that is a topic to dwell on, isn't it?

Meet Brutus The Bear

It is quite uncommon to see a bear around people being so friendly and happy, let alone a bear at the dinner table, right? Well, see this is Brutus. He was raised by Casey Anderson. He was born in 2002 and ever since he was a small cub, Casey took care of him. Brutus the bear was a major star of Anderson's "Expedition Grizzly" - a National Geography documentary.

Brutus was born in a steel box and was never released into the wild, as releasing his kind of a bear would probably mean death for him. Being born in that 6-foot box, he lacked all of the survival skills that a typical bear would have.

Two-Faced Kitty

This furry joy is Venus. As you can see part of her body is completely ginger, and the other part is completely black. If that wasn't enough to make you fall in love with her, she has eyes of a different color - one is blue and the other one is green. Venus was not always a happy cat.

She used to be a stray cat until her owners Christina and Chris took her in. Once they saw her online, they immediately fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. That's how Venus was taken off the North Carolina streets. Now, she enjoys life with her new owners.

Snow And Ice

These right here are real sculptures made of snow and ice. They are the result of an annual festival held in China - Harbin, Heilongjiang. Each year there is a festival called "The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival" organized. It is said to be the largest festival of its kind.

It even has competitions in building these awesome sculptures and gathers people all over the world, making it an international event. In 2017, for example, it had 18 million visitors and revenue of $4.4 billion. It is where all the important ice sculptures are located.

The Victim Of Rotting

The fact that wood can rot is not new. Rather we all know it. And that is exactly what happened here. This most versatile material can rot from fire, accidents, infestation. Wood is the best material out there, you can manipulate it however you want, and it is an excellent insulator. But, it can rot away.

Some of the factors that amplify this are warmth, oxygen, moisture. Plus, it all depends on the quality of wood, as well! But when you have moisture, warmth, and oxygen, rotting is inevitable.

That's A Creepy Talent Right There

While most people do not really know how to feel or what to think about this picture, we think this is pure talent. You may ask yourself - why? Well, we have no idea. But, it is still amazing when you see that someone can stuff a snake up their nasal cavity. It must have taken a long time to perfect it.

India is such a big country that it has different weather conditions in different parts. In addition to this it's home of the four most venomous snakes - The Indian Cobra, Russell's viper, saw-scaled viper, and Krait. And that's not all folks, in India, you can find over 270 species of snakes. Oh, and over 60 species are poisonous. Scary!

No, It's Not A Camera Malfunction

The artist Ferruccio Laviani stands behind this piece. &nbsp;And, no, it is neither photoshopped nor was there a camera malfunction. This oak cabinet was made by computer-aided machine tools. This "furniture deformity" was done intentionally and is a part of the creator's artistic expression.

The piece found itself on a furniture exposition in 2013 as a part of Laviani's "Good Vibrations" collection. This collection made quite an impact on his career as it got him the title of a great artist and the praise of many.

Another Optical Illusion

This little illusion is not just a set of random pictures assembled together as a college. Rather, it is an amazing optical illusion created by Georges Rousse, who roams around town, finds abandoned buildings and paints this type of artwork on them. The artist's weapon of choice are elements of color, architecture, and line elements.

What you perceive depends on the angle from which you are observing it. Rousses artwork is usually large-scale and quite deceptive. It even got described as a thing that "Compels u to reach architecture as static, images as immobile, and then gradually transforms our perception of Space and Reality."

Sims? Nope!

These orderly rows of houses may look like a copy-paste accident in a game of Sims. But, these houses are the real deal. They are located in Mexico and are a result of two-phase building plan. In the first phase, 2.5 million of them were built and in the second another 2.5 million.

This project is supposed to create more jobs, to provide business for the housing sector industries, reduction of the slum area of Mexico, and similar. While it is almost an unbelievable sight, we applaud you Mexico!


These face-like things were not edited into the photograph. These disturbing faces were caught on a photograph by NASA on a Mission to Mars. It was taken in 1971 by a Cydonian massa Viking 1. The chief scientist of the Viking 1, Mr. Gerry Soffen, did not add much value to the photograph as he concluded that it was a result of a play of light and a specific angle.

However, the face was caught again in the second picture that emerged after Viking made another 35 orbits and changed the angle. Gregory Molenaar and Vincent DiPietro are the ones responsible for this revelation. These two are engineers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Behold, The Mirrorman!

This artist is slowly making his way to fame. He is situated somewhere around Los Angeles in USA, and has a costume built entirely from mirror pieces. What makes everything so intriguing is that once you cast your eyes on him you see a reflection of the world around you.

The artist appears at various places and exhibits in order to have his picture taken. The artist still remains a mystery, however, as he always covers himself up by millions of reflective glass pieces. If you just happen to see him in the LA area, please take another photograph for us, thanks!

There Is Always A\u2026Rainbow At The End of A Tornado?

Well, not really. This is actually a very rare phenomenon. Tornadoes and rainbows do not occur simultaneously very often. This is why you will probably not see this anytime soon. Or at least we hope so. Well, this was taken in on a Thursday afternoon thanks to the photographer's fast reaction.

While it is awe-inspiring, this tornado ruined more than 50 homes. Even the trees were damaged. So, let's not hope that this sight will really happen again. It was great seeing you, but don't visit us again!

That's Quite A Butterfly Right There

No, it's not a work of fiction, much less a butterfree pokemon. It is a real butterfly commonly known as Atlas moth. It lives in Asian forests and its scientific name is Attacus Atlas. The one you can see in the picture is the biggest of its kind. This lepidopterans wingspan can reach 25-30 cm.

Oh, and the surface of his wings can reach the amazing 400 cm2. Its body is smaller than its wings with upper wings being reddish-brown. The wings even have white specks on them, and black, purple and pink lines, as well as triangular windows width edge that comes in various shades of black.

Now You See My Car And Now You Don't

This mesmerizing optical illusion of a camouflaged car was made by Sara Watson. She obviously wanted to show off her knowledge when it comes to parking and to play around with the camera angles. The results are awfully funny, as you can see in the picture. Sara is a student at the University of Central Lancashire.

As she is an art student this piece was for her image and drawing making course. And if you are conversant with art, then you might have already assumed where she got her inspiration from - Julian Beever.

A Play Of Angles

Photography is an art form that allows people to be creative with lighting and angles. In this play of angles and lighting the artist can invite different emotions and send different messages. By manipulating the camera an artist can portray something that he wants and it doesn't have to be awfully related to the actual thing the person in the photograph is doing.

In the picture that we see here, the artist was playing with brightness and angles. Because of the angles, the woman's head appears disproportionally bigger than the flattened car. By doing this the artist embodied the emotion of novelty and amusement. And by making the light brighter they got a happy emotion as well. That's how we got the reactions of laughter and slapstick jokes.

Small Under-Water Shot?

Well, not quite. What we have here is something very unique. This is an Opal. It is not just like any other stone or a gem you would collect because of its monetary worth. It is an Opal crystal. It can have a large variety of colors, but this one has a very unique visual effect.

It looks as if a tiny aquarium, or an underwater world being hit by a sun ray, is trapped in a single pocket-sized piece of stone. It truly is a piece of history trapped in an Opal.

Go Easy On The Supplements, Honey

This very muscular dos's name is Wendy. You may think that she is a crossover between a Pitbull and&nbsp; Mastiff with a disorder. As you can see, her head appears little compared to the rest of her vey muscular body, and this truly is a disorder. Its name is "Bully Whippet Syndrome," and it makes her gain twice as much muscle than an ordinary dog of her breed would ever reach.

The condition occurs because of two defective copies of myostatine and causes double muscling. The species subject to this disorder are mice, sheep\u2026and well.. Captain America!

Fire Tornado

This uncommon phenomenon is a result of a combination of strong wind and potent fire. Its name is a fire whirl and most people call it the fire devil, and with a good reason. Sometimes people refer to it as a fire tornado, but in reality, it is a whirlwind that is filled with fire.

It begins innocently as a small whirl of wind filled with smoke, but with the friction, heat and turbulence it produces a vortex that sucks debris and has combustion gases. Now, that is something that you wouldn't wish upon anyone, ever!

It's A Condition

While it may look like somebody applied a crazy filter on their dog and made a perfectly funny meme out of their dog, this is not the case. The dog in this picture has the "Baboon Dog Syndrome" or "Short-spine syndrome." Dogs that have this condition have a drastically short spinal\/vertebral column.

As a result of this, the dog's spine compresses and hence we have something that appears as a hunched back. The spine, with most dogs suffering from this syndrome, remains at its cartilage form. As their vertebra stick together sometimes, they appear as though they have no necks. That's why many of them need to turn their whole body around in order to see what they want.

Illusion? Photoshop? Sorcery?

The answer is - neither! This huge table and a chair are very real. The name of the piece is The Write. it is located in Hampstead Heath in England and has 30 feet. If you didn't know any better you'd say it's a table and chair set from Ikea. The only problem is that it is taller than an average house.

The name of the artist is Giancarlo Neri. He is a sculptor from Italy. He said that he chose this place for his sculpture precisely because of Hampstead Heath's long literary history. His idea was to embody what he calls the "monument to the loneliness of writing." But, the artist still hopes that people would add their own impressions to that and make of the sculpture whatever they want. &nbsp;

Meet Barbie, Everyone

Yes, it is a real life-sized Barbie doll. Well, not a doll, but a woman. The woman you can see in the picture is Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model and entertainer. She uses specific makeup methods in order to achieve her looks and uses very specific contact lenses that make her eyes appear bigger and fuse perfectly with her blue\/gray\/green eyes.

In her efforts to resemble the Barbie doll she had plastic surgery. But, the entertainer claims that she only had breast augmentation surgery. This, she said, was the only plastic surgery she underwent in order to physically look like Barbie.


While it may look like this is a picture of a man that has been multiplied many times\u2026or a windows bug, this is a picture of many men that are marching in unison. Can you just imagine the effort, training, discipline, and time that went into perfecting this type of a march?

Yes, it is well known that soldiers have very rigid trainings and that during that course there is a system of punishment as well. In order to replicate something like this, it may take years and years of training. Every soldier, man or woman, must acquire a system of discipline and organization.

Ball Of Fur Is Not Always Good

What you can see here is yet another picture of a fat cat. No, wait - not a fat cat, but an obese cat. We all know that chubby pets are the cutest, but there is a point at which you so clearly cross the line. This is an example of such an instance. This cat is up for adoption, its previous owners overfed it and made the cat obese.

If you ever want to make a good pet owner, be sure to know that what makes a good owner is that you are conversant with the needs of your pet. While they always seem hungry, they are not. They do not know how to control their appetite. Remember, obesity is not cute. Not in humans, and definitely not in cats and animals.

Not A Genetic Mutation

Our planet is a magnificent place and its home to a large variety of species. That is why we always keep finding out about new species and various hybrids. You may think that this is edited or that it is a genetic mutation.

But, this is just a \u2018red-bellied pacu' fish from South America. People, and especially hobbyist, like taking care of this fish because it can grow to large scales and be made into ornaments.

The Wonders Of Body Art

This right here is not a cartoon, or a cardboard cutout. This is a genuine person that has been transformed into Silver surfer Marvel character from 1989. The character was on the cover of the 22 issue of&nbsp; the 3rd volume of Silver surfer comic book, done by Ron Lim. The artist behind the work is Chris Alex and he used only the highest quality paint and material in his recreation.

He went as far as to instruct the model to pose in front of fill light and black background in order to highlight the paint. The whole process of painting the body lasted 6 hours, while it took the artist 3 hours to make the rock. For the rock Alex used foam core and acrylic paint.

It Is Only One Photo

This photograph just plays with your imagination, doesn't it? And, no, it is not 4 photographs mashed into one. It is just one photograph and one frame. Artist Bela Borsodi exploited colors and precision in order to create the illusion of four independent images.

In this, she provided us with a whole new dimension. This is how we surpass imagination, well at least in terms of vision.

Floating Ship!

Sadly, it is not a floating ship. It is just an ordinary ship. And again, it is not edited. The white balance was off when the person took the picture and blended the color of the water with the color of the sand. One could even go as far as to call it "Fata Morgana."

This phenomena gets its name from Arthurian sorceress Morgan le Fay and represents a mirage seen in the vicinity of the horizon. It is believed that fata morganas occur at the Straits of Messina where they create illusions of fairy castles or mermaids in order to drive sailors to death.

Construction, Construction, Construction

This magical thing you see in this photograph is called The Magic Tap, and it finds itself on the list of the most amazing fountains in the world. See, even though it appears to be floating in the air it is all the matter of construction.

What holds the Tap is a poll that is inserted precisely where the water is exiting the tap. You can see this wonder in Spain's Aqualand.

Natural Beauty

The little light swirl that you see in this picture is not a result of editing. It is Aurora on the Saturn. Saturn's aurora that can be seen only under ultraviolet light, which is what sets it apart from Earth's aurora. It occurs because of the circulation of the solar energetic winds.

It was discovered in 1979 during spacecraft 11's observation of Saturn's poles under the ultraviolet light.

The Pollution

This picture depicts what pollution of a city looks like perfectly. The city in question is Almaty in Kazakhstan. The city is inhabited by more than 1,8million people, which is more than 8% of Kazakhstan's population. Isn't it scary how the air is polluted there and how it can be caught on camera?

The reason for it being so polluted is not only that Almaty is the commercial center of Kazakhstan, but because it is a densely populated cultural hub.

Not A Magic Trick

What you see in the picture is not a magic trick, it is&nbsp;purely an optical illusion. You can see that by the expression of the man's face. The person who created this illusion that looks like it is twisting your arm is Jerry Andrus.

The piece was even taken to a conference in order to serve as an informative and educational piece that would teach his fellow colleagues. Optical illusions are occurrences of change in the visual perception that make things appear different than they truly are. We can divide them into physical, cognitive, and psychological illusions.

What A Way To Stand Out

This girl clearly went out of her way to make sure that she would stand out from the crowd during the jolliest festivity of the year. In a sea swarming with the red color she went completely monotone.

Who would have ever thought about dressing in monotones?! And who would have ever thought that you would be the one that claims all the light and attention? We applaud you girl!

Don't Attempt This By Yourself

This captivating photograph is not edited. The guy that you see in the photograph is an adrenaline junkie who puts his life at risk day in and day out while posing for his pictures in which he hangs from various buildings. He is always followed by his photographer.

We can only imagine that he is putting his life at risk as well. Can you even imagine this being someone's hobby? This aside, one wrong step can cost you your life, and there have been many cases where people died because of their recklessness. So be careful, and don't attempt this yourself!

Shark Within A Shark, Within A Shark

While this may strike you as unusual, it really isn't. Sharks are the most dangerous predators, but they are also known to eat each other. Cannibalism is something quite normal when it comes to these species. So, that you should see such a sight as this one should not surprise you.

They can devour humans, fish, whatever flesh they like! Oh, and, if you really want to see something disturbing,&nbsp; stare at this photo while playing baby shark song.

Nazi Salute

Well, not really. This is far from Nazi Germany. It was taken in America during the Pledge of Allegiance. This Pledge is supposed to show the children's respect towards the flag and the country. Since then, a lot has changed. Nowadays kids hold the hand to their hearts while making their pledge to the Flag.

Oh, and a lot of commotion rose regarding whether the whole ceremony should be performed at all. But the fact that this ceremony made its mark in history is indisputable.

Oddly Satisfying

How is this even possible? Well, it is as easy as getting the right cutting machines. But, what added to the preciseness and very good planning of the garden is that it is a royal garden in the summer residence Schonbrunn in Vienna, Austria.

What makes this so oddly satisfying is that beautiful symmetry of nature. It is completely obsessive-compulsive, but that's what makes it so beautiful. And, that is great because it made this amazing photograph!

Odd Humor

This photograph is very real. The person you see in it simply tied his shoes to the rail and took the photograph. Why? We have no idea. For a round of laughter and artistic expression, we assume. But, hey, why not?

If you were ever that person who would do something just for laughs, then this is probably your cup of tea. And if you ever spread joy in that way, well then - go you, buddy!

Meanwhile In Norway

As you can see there is some kind of a human physique in the mountains that oversee this town of&nbsp; More Og Romsdal County in Norway. It is a port in the Sunnmore region of Alesund and is the center of art nouveau. Having processed all this information, you'd think that someone deliberately shaped the snow on the mountain in order to appear as a man, but that is not the case.

It is just a weird coincidence. Whatever natural forces were at work, no artists were involved. Be it a coincidence of a combination of wind forces and snow, or some kind of spiritual signal, it is quite a view to take in.

Not A Set-Up

Nope, this is not a setup. It is a real exhibit at the Jurassic Museum in Austria. The scientist wanted to recreate the mating process of the dinosaur species T-rex. The Austrian Jurassic museum is special in many ways.

You are looking at one of the reasons why. No other museum has ever attempted to make an exhibit that focuses on the reproduction of dinosaurs, much less to display it in three halls. It is very important to understand the process of breeding of dinosaurs, if you ask us.

Master Of Bees

Would you ever like to overcome your greatest fears? And what better way than actually coming into contact with the source of your fear. Well, if you are afraid of bees, this would be one very close encounter. This man in the picture just decided to be covered in them! While we have no idea, why he did this - we know that he is loved by the bees.

Oh, and did you know that in order to produce one pound of honey you need the nectar of two million flowers. When you do the math, this means that the bees go over the globe three times so as to create that much honey! And, another fun fact - they communicate through dancing!

New Ages, New Art

What we see the picture here is a human body that has been printed by using the 3D printer. The body is rippled and it is a sculpture. But, can it truly be called art when it was actually printed out Art by definition is an individual artistic expression.

So, if the means to achieve this expression is 3D printing, who are we to judge? New ages and new technologies sometimes have to come into art as well. And if it causes some kind of emotion than it definitely is art.

Not A Murder Scene

Don't worry. Nothing gruesome happened here. There are no corpses. Believe it or not, what caused this sight is a horse that had a&nbsp; nose bleed and sneezed. So, that is why there is blood all over the walls. And what on earth causes a nose bleed in horses?

Well, it could be a foreign object that got stuck in their nasal cavity and made a problem during coughing. Sometimes the reasons for its occurrence are not as benign - it may be because of polyps, soft growths or tumors in the nasal cavity.

What Makes A Photographer

Nowadays technology has progressed so much that everyone is knowledgeable about photography and can easily manipulate Photoshop in order to achieve the effects that they need. However, there is special something that sets a true photographer apart from the rest - raw photographs.

They need to know how to use what they have on their hands. They need to know how to regulate ISO, flash, exposure, and many other things. Using photoshop is okay, but there is a certain quality to those photographs that are simply amazing on their own. An example? This picture right here.

It's&nbsp;A Rice Paddy

What you see in the photo is not stained glass that was produced in the ear of impressionism. It is&nbsp; The Yuanyang Terraces located in China. They are just simple terraces of rice fields from a bird's eye view. These artistic terraces are glorified for the cultivation of rice.

They are spread over an area of more than 20, 000 km2, and are at the latitude of 200-2000 m above sea level.

When The Sun Goes Down

We can all agree that there is nothing that can compare to a beautiful sunset. And, they cannot be faked. They are something that we can relish in every day. It is not in vain that we have a saying "The Sunset is a promise of a new beginning."

Just remember, whenever you feel at that that is the end and that there is no solution to your problem that you shouldn't weep. There is always something new waiting for you at the end of the road.

Screen-saver? Nope.

This photograph will leave many people puzzled. See, what's going on here is that an electronic billboard showed a system error. It was a foggy night, so the mist completely camouflaged the feet of the billboard. This made the systematic error look like it was floating between trees on somebody's screen-saver.

These billboards are supposed to be environment-friendly in the sense that there is no printing material used and so on. But, the only downside is that they can have a system failure. However, if we want to point out the upside of this event it is that it served as perfect light.

Just Steam And Water, Guys!

What we have here is not something that will be born and ultimately wipe out the entire human race. It is just a simple geyser. However, the timing of the photograph was more than perfect as it caught it midway into the eruption. Geyser is a place where water can be discharged turbulently out of a surface and it is usually accompanied by steam.

Only if an environment meets the hydrogeological conditions can it have geysers.&nbsp;All geysers are located in the proximity of Volcanoes. The magma from the volcanoes activates them. The spring's activity may be subject to change if the mineral disposition underneath it changes as well.

Too Much Is Never a Good Thing

Yes guys, believe your eyes it is a true forest on top of a building. It started out as a rooftop garden, and everyone loves those, right? We think that rooftop gardens are something that should be promoted, as the world could use a little bit more greenery. What we have here is a product of a 6 year's work of collecting rubble and rocks done by Professor Zhang Lin.

The forest is located on top of a building in Beijing, China. This may look amazing, but people living one the lower floors turned out to be right when they opposed Zhang Lin. The building is now cracking under the pressure of the forest that sits on top of it. Too much of a good thing is never good, is it?

Going Out In Style

What we have here is an art gallery that was completely colored in black. Why? Because the artist wanted to pay respect to the building before saying farewell to it and demolishing it. The artists Simon Jung and Erik Sturm are to blame for this creation, and the name of the building was "Haus in Schwarz" (House in Black).

This building was actually a gallery located in Mohringen, Germany. After its demolition, a new gallery was built in its place.

Aquaman, Is That You?

Nope, definitely not. This impressive phenomenon happened right off of the Island de Rhe, France. What you are seeing is called "cross-sea." It is when winds create non-parallel waves. The thing that is so worrying about this is not the looks of it, but the destructive force these waves can have.

Because during this process waves from one weather system continue even if there is a change of wind and because of directional spreading, the waves occur at angles against the old ones making them even more aggressive.

Meet The Most Beautiful Spider

This spider is not made of glass, and it is not a drawing. It is real. Here, meet the Thwaitesia Argentiopunctata. It is also known as the sequined spider, twin-peaked Thwaitesia and the mirror spider.&nbsp; If you really want to find them, you can do that in Australia.

Their bodies are covered in beautiful colors of red, yellow, cream, and green, and they are 3-4 mm in length depending on their sex (3mm - male, 4mm female). The Thwaitesia genus has reflective patterns on their stomach. What makes them so special is that they determine their own looks, and they change them in order to fit into the environment, as appropriate.

Well, That's\u2026Giant

You'd think that there is no way that this Is a goldfish. But, it is. And it was found in one of the Southern rivers of France. Don't let their small life span In the aquarium fool you.

Provided the right conditions in the wild, these fishes can grow as big as this one in the picture, and they can destroy whole ecosystems!

Welcome To New Zealand

If you don't believe us that this is real than just ask any New Zealander out there. Sheep are known to follow one another blindly. So, it is no surprise that one came after the other and caused a whole sheep jam!

They also have an exquisitely keen sense of smell owing to the glands in their feet and eyes. These are something they use for mating, and marking their territory.

Play Of Shadows

Once upon a time, there was no Photoshop. Can you imagine? Artists had to rely on their knowledge of lighting and positioning and raw talent in order to create their works. Well, that is what happened here. Given the good lighting, the right angle and the right props, this photograph shouldn't have been so impossible to make as it looks from the outside.

So what we are trying to say is that there was no crop, liquefy and other effects and that these should only come secondary to artists\u2026if they really, really need them.

Guinness Book Of Record Horns

Yes, these huge horns are real. Not only that but they are exactly what brought fame to this bull here. He not only holds the Guinness Book record for the bull with the largest horns, but he was on three different Japan networks, and made it to the pages of Ripley's Believe It or Not!&nbsp;

His name is Lurch and he became quite a sensation ever since he won his title. People from Germany, Vietnam, UK, Kenya, Sweden, Japan, and Canada went to see this majestic creature that could very well inspire some kind of a boss in a video game. He is the one and only bull Mister of Universe!

Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel

Here is the photograph of one of the most beautiful statements of modern architecture. When it comes to the architecture of the interior usually you can count on Grand Hyatt to have some pretty impressive details. What we are previewing here is Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel's atrium. It is considered to be one of the highest hotels with its 53-87 floors.

The only one that is higher than it is the Shanghai Park Hyatt. 88th floor accommodates a skywalk that enables you to see all the luxury and splendor the atrium can offer. The atrium itself begins at the 56th level and moves up to the 87th level.

Professional Arm Wrestler

Nope, there was no enhancement done in Photoshop. Matthias Schlitte, a professional arm wrestler was born with a defect that made his forearm 33percent larger than the left. That is why his right arm looks so big and strong.

Schlitte also serves to remind us that arm wrestling is a professional sport that requires talent and devotion. This Popeye look-alike even has the nickname "Hellboy."

Holding Up The Sky

This is yet another one from the perfect timing and perfect angle edition. The comical element comes from the pool that looks like it is holding up the curtain of clouds.

These pictures always make us laugh. Is it a coincidence or was it intentional? Be that as it may, it serves to show that even what is crooked aligns in one way or another.

Everything's Big In Texas

Now, this may not be from a horror movie, but it is still very spooky. It is a real spider web. The photograph was taken in Texas, and it was quite a discovery for arachnologists. They assumed that this was a result of many spiders working together.

The reason why it was such a breakthrough is that they assumed that these creatures were loaners and couldn't possibly work together.

A Slice Of Inception, Anyone?

Inception is not only exclusive to the movie, but it can obviously also be seen on pizza crusts! If you have been living under a rock let us tell you what Inception is. It is a fantasy and action film that was released in 2010 and produced by Emma Thomas&nbsp;and Christopher Nolan. The movie's plot revolves around a personal information thief that can enter the human subconscious mind.

He was caught and told that he can delete his criminal history if he implants the idea into a target's subconscious. Leonard DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Michael Caine, and Tom Berenger are all a part of the cast.

Can It Be A Flying Saucer?

Well, we haven't come across those just yet. This is a very interesting hotel created by Tham and Videgard Arkitekter. It is located in Hards, Northern Sweden. Its rooms are suspended from trees and are actually glass boxes. But, not just any glass boxes - mirrored glass boxes to which you can climb by using a rope bridge.

The rooms perfectly reflect the sky and the trees. The room can easily guest two people. Insides are made out of plywood and house a bathroom, double bed, roof terrace, and living room. So far it had some really awesome reviews since its opening in July 2010.

That's Off The Rails

What we can see here is a result of an earthquake in New Zeeland at the eastern end of the Rolleston fault.&nbsp; The earthquake was on September 4, 2010, and was dubbed "Canterbury earthquake." The result of the earthquake is the buckled rail lines.

This happened because the rails compressed during the earthquake. This is proof of just how much damage can a little earthquake cause. Therefore, be careful when it comes to these things.

Joke's On You Cancer

Here we have a picture of Billy Owen (on the left) and Eli Roth. This is by no means a setup. Billy Owen is a survivor of sinus cancer. The disease took his eye, but he got out alive. And, that is the only thing that matter really! He even made a joke out of the whole eye situation. Fun fact time!

Eli Roth&nbsp;is a horror movie director. His creations include Grindhouse and Hostel. He is also an actor and&nbsp;opened up a Goretorium - a hunted hotel named Delmont where people can roam around. Fake blood pores over you, and there is no better place to have a fear-induced adrenaline rush if you ask us!

Collision Of Bullets

If you were to do the math and try to work out the probability of two bullets colliding in midair than you'd probably get a one in a million chance of that ever happening. However, these things happened. Or, rather, they used to happen. Especially during the Civil war. These specimens in the picture are precisely one of them.

You can find these precious bullets probably on the internet somewhere. But, the real question here is whether these babies actually collided upon being shot. If you look closely then you would see that one of them doesn't have the abrasive marking that would signal that it was fired. So, did they collide? Yes. Did it happen in midair? No.

Just A North Polar Storm

This right here is not an artistic representation of a rose that is surrounded by greenery. It is a negative representation of a North Polar stormon Saturn. It was taken by Cassini spacecraft in 2004. At that time a polar storm was ongoing on Saturn and the whole north pole of this planet was submerged in darkness.

If you were wondering, the eye of the storm was 1,250 mil and the speed at which the clouds were going was 330 miles per hour.

A Goat Tree

Goats are actually very good climbers. They adore climbing trees. The sight that you can see here is in Morocco. Apparently, Moroccan goats like to climb Argan trees between Essaouira and Marrakesh. They like to eat the Argan fruits, and like to spend their time on the branches of these trees.

What is interesting is that they cannot digest the Argan fruits, so they excrement them in one piece. The people then collect these excrements and produce Argan oil. Argan oil is most commonly used for the skin and as a hair product. It boasts antioxidants and vitamin E. Apart from that it makes a great addition to food, provided that the seeds were roasted mildly beforehand.


The cute animal that we have here is called a Tapir. Physically it resembles a pig, and it has a prehensile nose trunk. Its relatives are donkeys, horses, rhinos, and oddly enough zebras. There are only a few species of its kind - to be precise four. They are all classified as endangered and vulnerable.

These cuties can be found in the jungles of Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia. The rest of its relatives from family Tapiroidea are extinct.

Michael Jackson Starring As The Smooth Criminal

Here we are dealing with a photograph of young Michael Jackson trying to have a normal date with Tatum O'Neal. Trying to escape the prying eyes of the cameras he tried to change his looks with a beard. In case you have been fast asleep, then let us tell you who Michael Joseph Jackson is.

He is an artist that is best known for his nickname \u2018The King of Pop. He made a huge impact on the pop scene of the 20th century. He started out his solo after he spent seven years as a part of the Jackson 5. He became one of the biggest names in the history of pop music.